El Bella Vista

El Bella Vista is the story of a house that began as a football club, becoming a successful transvestite brothel and at last becomes a Catholic Chapel, all in a small conservative village in Uruguay. Two transvestites, a brothel’s Madam, a gaucho football player, and a charming old lady will bring to life this battle for control of a single physical space, driven by the same motivation: passion.

Director’s Note
I discovered this story reading a newspaper, and I found it so closed to my memories that I decided to go to the place and meet the protagonists. This playful documentary film is the result of my research and therefore a portrait of the villages where I come from.

World Premiere
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2012

Key festivals and awards
Zurich Film Festival 2012
Audience Award, Valdivia International Film Festival 2012
Mexico City International Documentary Film Festival 2012

Uruguay 2012
Director: Alicia Cano
Producers: Filmproduktion Thomas Mauch (Germany), Alicia Cano Films (Uruguay), MJ Producciones (Uruguay)
German WCF Partner: Thomas Mauch
World sales: Tazkovski Films (UK)

Funded in the WCF Jury meeting in November 2011
Funding amount: 30,000 €