Daughter of Rage (La hija de todas las rabias)

In an endless hazy dump in Nicaragua, eight-year-old Maria struggles through life, neglected by her mother. When she accidentally kills the newborn puppies about to be sold, she is left on her own to work and live in a recycling factory as punishment. Maria learns ways to survive and accept this abandonment, using her strong will and rich imagination.

Director’s note
Daughter of Rage is a film about a mother-daughter relationship set in a hostile rubbish dump in Managua. This place resembles a dystopian universe with its own dynamics and landscapes. I come from a generation in Nicaragua known as “the cubs of the revolution”, deeply marked by the absence of paternal figures. We experience the violent feeling of abandonment felt by Maria. The tone of the film is rare realism, condensing
Nicaragua’s contemporary reality – shot in real locations, but with a mythical and almost naïve point of view.
Other coming-of-age films with strong imaginary elements that inspire me are Beasts of the Southern Wild, Nobody Knows or The Florida Project.

Director: Laura Baumeister De Montis
Producers: Felipa Films (Nicaragua), Mart Films (Mexico), Halal (The Netherlands), Promenades Film (France)
German WCF partner: Heimatfilm
World sales: tbc

Funded in the WCF jury meeting in November 2019
Funding amount: 30.000 €