Clara Sola

In a remote village in Costa Rica, 32-yearold Clara embarks on a journey to break free from social and religious conventions and gain control of her sexuality and newfound powers.

Director’s note
Growing up Catholic, I was made to believe early on in life that women who masturbated ended up in hell, and that the balance between being a virgin and a whore was extremely delicate. With this screenplay, I want to explore where our heroine, Clara, would land on this judgment scale – being a young woman with limited social skills.
The film takes place in a social and religious setting where traditions hold back individual development. Clara has been stuck in a patriarchal context in which women are oppressed not only by men, but also by other women. Clara Sola is an ultimatum about a woman’s journey to take control of her body, her sexuality and her powers.

Costa Rica
Director: Nathalie Álvarez Mesén
Producers: Hobab (Sweden), Pacifica Grey (Costa Rica), Laidak Films (Germany), Need Productions (Belgium)
German WCF partner: Laidak Films
World sales: tbc

Funded in the WCF jury meeting in November 2018
Funding amount: 50.000 €