The Boda Boda Thieves (Abaabi ba boda boda)

In Kampala, Uganda, the city streets are always congested with traffic and the fastest way to travel is on motorbike taxis we call “boda bodas.” The men who drive these boda bodas have a reputation as tough hustlers. You have to be sharp to survive Kampala traffic.
City life has been unkind to Goodman, Rosa and their teenage son Abel. They stake everything on a joint venture whereby Abel will become a boda boda man in order to support the family.
Disaster strikes however, when the motorbike is stolen on Abel’s first day at work. Determined not to give up, Goodman and Abel set off into the city in search of the stolen boda boda. We follow father and son on their quest through the city and in the process gain an insider’s view of Kampala, its underworld and the generation gap that defines contemporary Africa.

Director’s Note
The greatest migration in human history is happening right now in sub-Saharan Africa. People are leaving the land and villages in a mass exodus to stream into the cities. Their numbers swell the burgeoning ghettos that surround the urban centers. They come in search of a better life. Sometimes they find it, more often they don’t. Our story deals with this huge issue from the perspective of one small family trying to make it in the city.

World premiere
Berlin International Film Festival 2015, Forum
Key Festivals and Awards
Seattle International Film Festival 2015
Dorben International Film Festival 2015
World Cinema Amsterdam Festival 2015

Uganda, South Africa 2015
Director: Yes, That’s Us
Producers: Switch Films (South Africa), Deddac Films (Uganda) Hot Sun Films (Kenya), augenschein Filmproduktion (Germany)

German WCF partner: augenschein Filmproduktion
World sales: Rushlake Media GmbH (Germany)

Funded in the WCF jury session in November 2011
Funding: 60,000 €