Jaffa's Ajami neighbourhood is a melting pot of cultures and conflicting views among Jews, Muslims and Christians. Back and forth in time, and through the eyes of various characters, we witness how impossible the situation really is... Sensitive 13-years old nasri and his older brother Omar live in fear when their entire familiy is in danger after their uncle foolishly wounds a prominent clan member. Naive youn Paletinian refugee Malek works illegally in Israel to help financing the surgery that will save his mother's life. Affluent palestinian Binj dreams of a bright future with his Jewish girlfriend. Jewish policeman Dando and his family undergo a frustrating search for his missing younger brother, a soldier... The tragic fragility of human existence is experienced in the enclosed community of Ajami, where enemies must live as neighbours. No location expresses the dramatic collision of different worlds better.

World premiere
Cannes International Film Festival 2009, Quinzaine des Réalisateurs

Key festivals and awards
Camera d’Or Special Distinction
Cannes International Film Festival 2009
Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Editing and Best Composer, Ophir Israeli Film and Television Academy Award 2009
Nomination Academy Awards USA for Best Foreign Language Film of the year 2010

Israel/Palestine 2009
Directors: Yaron Shani & Scandar Copti
Producer: Inosan Ltd. (Israel), Twenty Twenty Vision (Germany)
German WCF Partner: Twenty Twenty Vision
World sales: The Match Factory (Germany)
German distributor: Neue Visionen

Funded in the WCF jury meetings in October 2005 and in November 2009
Production funding: 65,000 €
Distribution funding: 10,000 €