WWW - What a Wonderful World

Living in Casablanca, Kamel, a merciless hired killer, receives his orders by internet. He usually calls the prostitute Souad to make love after his hits, but one time by chance police woman Kenza answers the phone. Kamel soon finds himself falling in love with her voice. Meanwhile Hicham, a young amateur hacker looking for a passage to Europe, accidentally infiltrates Kamel’s orders.
In the unique atmosphere of a both archaic and modern city, this is a story of pursuit. Pursuit of real freedom and pursuit of strong feelings…

World Premiere
Venice International Film Festival 2006

Theatrical release in Germany
Dec 13, 2007

Rights sold to
Austria, France, Germany, Switzerland

Venice International Film Festival 2006
Filmfest Hamburg 2007

Morocco 2006
Director: Faouzi Bensaidi
German distributor: Kairos Filmverleih
World Sales: Les Films Du Losange

Funded in the WCF jury session in May 2007
Funding amount: 7,500 €