The film is set in Manayacuna, a remote village hidden in the rugged, windblown, mountainously scenic Peruvian hinterland. The village has developed a distorted, idiosyncratic form of Catholicism over the years and decades: though there is an ornate church, there is no priest. There are also no telephones, and the only link with the outside is a talkative van-driver known as “the mute” who pays regular visits.On one of such visits he brings a curious traveller from Lima: a photographer named Salvador (Carlos de la Torre) arrives in this world of poverty and opulent religious rituals. Hitching from Lima to his job at a mine, Salvador is stopped by a flooded-out road. Dumped in the small village, populated entirely by Peruvians of Incan descent, outsider Salvador is immediately jailed by the drunken townsman, because of “Tiempo Santo”, until Cayo (Ubaldo Huaman), the mayor agrees to give him lodging in his barn.

World premiere
International Film Festival Rotterdam 2006

Theatrical release in Germany
November 9, 2006

Roberto Tato Miller Award, Best Latin American Film Feature 2006

Rights sold to
France, Germany, Switzerland, USA

International Film Festival Rotterdam 2006
Sundance Film Festival 2006
Mar del Plata Film Festival 2006
Toulouse Latin America Film Festival 2006
Málaga Film Festival 2006
Seattle International Film Festival 2006
Edinburgh Film Festival 2006

Peru 2006
Director: Claudia Llosa
Production: Wanda Visión
German distributor: Kairos-Filmverleih
World sales: The Match Factory (Germany)

Funded in the WCF jury meeting in August 2006
Funding amount: 10,000 €