The Hunter (Shekarchi)

Ali, a young mechanic, likes to go hunting. He works hard, stays out late, yet cares for his beautiful wife, Sara, and his daughter, Lilly. He tries to keep them happy, even though life is a struggle.
One day after work Ali returns home, only to find out that his wife and daughter have gone missing. He goes to a police station, and after a long period of waiting and frustration amidst chaos, he is told that in a local police shootout Sara was accidentally killed, and Lilly is still missing.
The search for Lilly sends Ali into the depths of despair, ending in more horror when her dead body is discovered.In an act of vengeance, Ali randomly kills two police officers on a highway. He becomes a fugitive. Ali flees towards the northern forest. On the highway a police patrol car follows him. There is pursuit. There is a chase. Ali’s car crashes. He runs into the forest for refuge.
Ali is captured by two officers, Hassan and Nazem. The two police officers guard him closely. Now that he is caught, Ali is resigned to his fate and walks without concern. The three men are surrounded by trees, the woods. They lose their way, and spend the night in a small cabin. It becomes clear to Ali that Hassan and Nazem loathe each other. Hassan then makes Ali a proposal: if he kills Nazem, he can walk free. In the desolate landscape, the boundaries between the hunter and the hunted are difficult to perceive.

World Premiere
Berlin International Film Festival 2010, Competition

Theatrical release in Germany
April 8, 2010

Key festivals and awards
Berlin International Film Festival 2010
Hong Kong International Film Festival 2010
Melbourne International Film Festival 2010
Toronto International Film Festival 2010
Viennale 2010

Iran 2010
Director: Rafi Pitts
Producers: AFTAB Negaran Film Production Institute (Iran), Twenty Twenty Vision (Germany)
German WCF partner: Twenty Twenty Vision
German Distributor: Neue Visionen Filmverleih
World Sales: The Match Factory (Germany)

Funded in the WCF jury meetings in November 2007 and in January 2010
Production funding: 50,000 €
Distribution funding: 10,000 €