Hedi (Inhebbek Hedi)

Hedi is a simple young man. He isn’t very talkative and doesn’t expect much from the life that is planned out for him. He allows his authoritarian and overwhelming mother to arrange his marriage to Khedija. He allows his boss to send him on a trip to Mahdia during the week of his wedding celebrations, and he allows Ahmed his brother to dictate how he should behave. But on his trip to Madhia, things take a turn for the unexpected. He meets Rim who works as an activity leader in a hotel. Intrigued by her indifference and frivolity, Hedi gets involved in a passionate relationship. Will Hedi have the courage to escape his inner and outer prisons? An ostensibly personal story broadens into a panorama of a society in upheaval, an allegory for breaking away from traditions. And a film about the happiness and pain of freedom.

World premiere
Berlin International Film Festival 2016, Competition

Key festivals and awards
Best First Feature Film Award and Silver Bear for Best Actor - Berlin International Film Festival 2016
Golden Athena for Best Film - Athens International Film Festival 2016
Domaine Clarence Dillon Grand Jury Prize, Erasmus Jury Prize, Bordeaux International Film Festival 2016

Theatrical release
Spain, February 17, 2017
Colombia, April 20, 2017
Mexico, February 10, 2017

Tunisia 2016
Director: Mohamed Ben Attia
Production: Nomadis Images (Tunisia); Les Films du Fleuve (Belgium)
WCF supported distributors: Golem Distribución (Spain), Cine Colombia (Colombia), ND Mantarraya (Mexico)

Funded in the WCF Jury meeting in November 2016
Funding amount: 27,000 €