Coming forth by Day (Al-khoroug lel-nahar)

Single and in her mid-thirties, Soad lives with her mother, a nurse, and her father – who is mostly unaware of the world after a stroke. While bright sunlight and the sounds of the city can be made out from behind the half-closed shutters, everything in the apartment exudes the smell of old age, sickness and stagnation. Soad has resigned herself to caring for her father and putting her own life on hold, but her longing is palpably directed towards the outside world. When she leaves the flat and wanders through Cairo alone, it becomes clear just how far she has already distanced herself from her own needs. And yet at the end of the night a new day begins, which may still bring change

World Premiere
Abu Dhabi Film Festival 2012, Best Director from the Arab World and FIPRESCI Award, New Horizons

Theatrical release in Germany
November 14, 2013

Seattle International Film Festival 2013
Berlin International Film Festival 2013
Golden Lion, Arab Film Festival of Oran 2012
Bronze Tanit, Carthage Film Festival, 2012

Egypt 2012
Director: Hala Lofty
Producers: Hassala Films, Egypt
German distributor: Arsenal – Institut für Film und Videokunst e.V.
World sales: Hassala Films, Egypt

Funded in the WCF Jury meeting in August 2013
Funding amount: 4.358 €