Jia Zhang-ke in conversation with Huo Meng

Sharing stories, experiences and knowledge: every great film that has influenced cinema history takes something from the past, processes it and presents it in a new way for the next generation. Artists do not create in isolation; their work is the result of their own capabilities and their technique of filtering the works of others. Within the special “On Transmission” programme, seven renowned directors who have left a notable impression on the festival will in turn each bring a guest to discuss cinematic art.
Jia Zhang-ke in dialogue with Huo Meng.
The conversation will be in Chinese with English translation.
After the talk, the film Guo Zhao Guan will be shown.
with Jia Zhang-ke, Huo Meng 60’ Event


  • Jia Zhang-ke
  • Huo Meng


On Transmission #4

Jia Zhang-ke im Gespräch mit Huo Meng | Guo Zhao Guan

Feb 24 16:30

Akademie der Künste

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