Black Beauty: For a Shamanic Cinema

African fashion model Alexandra Cartier meets Jorge Luis Borges in a visionary experience. What does the famous Argentine modernist writer have to say about our contemporary ecological and pandemic problems?
Black Beauty: For a Shamanic Cinema is an expanded cinema proposal that allows the public to witness and access non-rational states through the creation of art and cinema; as a way of changing their perspective on subjects such as the environment, immigration, and indigenous rights.
It relates to Grace Ndiritu’s wider art project Healing the Museum, which serves as a platform for a dialogue between differing ideas of viewing the world through the lens of both postmodernism and modernism. Working from the assertion that museums and cinemas are dying, Grace Ndiritu sees shamanism as a way to re-activate the dying art and cinematic space as a space for sharing, participation, and ethics. From prehistoric to modern times the shaman was not only the group healer and facilitator of peace but also the creative; the artist and filmmaker.
by Grace Ndiritu
with Aida Welle, Aida Welle, Emilio Linder, Lucas Azpurgua, Emile Massieu Yanes, Nicolás Celda Laurent-Atthalin, Andrea  Celda Laurent-Atthalin, Marielena Correa Alcalá
United Kingdom / Spain / Belgium English 29’ Colour, 2-Kanal-Videoinstallation


  • Aida Welle (Alexandra Cartier)
  • Aida Welle (Karen Roberts)
  • Emilio Linder (Jorge Luis Borges)
  • Lucas Azpurgua (Carl De Long)
  • Emile Massieu Yanes (Tony)
  • Nicolás Celda Laurent-Atthalin (Paco)
  • Andrea  Celda Laurent-Atthalin (Photographer )
  • Marielena Correa Alcalá (Makeup girl)


Written and Directed byGrace Ndiritu
CinematographyPablo Paloma
EditingJosé María Avilés
Sound DesignMartin Gabriel  Scaglia
SoundJosé María Avilés
Production DesignPigmento Studio
CostumesAndrea  Celda Laurent-Atthalin
Make-UpMary  Correa Alcalá
CastingJulieta Juncadella
Production ManagerElisa  Celda Laurent-Atthalin
Commissioned byArtscouncil England
Kunstencentrum Vooruit (Belgium)
Coventry Biennale of Contemporary Art
Nottingham Contemporary Arts Center (United Kingdom)
ProducersJulieta  Juncadella, Grace  Ndiritu
Executive ProducerJulieta Juncadella

Produced by

Post-Hippie Productions

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Una Presencia

Madrid, Spain

World sales


London, United Kingdom

+44 2031412960

Grace Ndiritu 

Grace Ndiritu, born in Birmingham in 1982, is a British-Kenyan artist whose artworks are concerned with the transformation of our contemporary world. Her work has been featured in international magazines and is housed in museum collections such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York and the Modern Art Museum, Warsaw. Her writing on art and politics has been published in her nonfiction book “Dissent Without Modification” (Bergen Kunsthall 2021), in Whitechapel Gallery: Documents of Contemporary Art, and in the Paris Review, among others.


2003 The Nightingale; 7 min. 2004 Desert Storm; 5 min. 2007 Natural Disasters (Urban Myths, Urban Legends); 5 min. 2009 Journeys North: Pole to Pole,; 6 min. 2010 A Week in the News: 7 places we think we know, 7 news stories we think we understand; 35 min. 2015 Raiders of The Lost Ark; 45 min. 2021 Black Beauty: For a Shamanic Cinema

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