Over a period of four years, Camila Freitas documented the lives of a group of landless workers in the Brazilian state of Goiás. Since 2015, the workers have occupied a portion of a factory site and demanded land reform. Chão provides insights into the group’s everyday routine, which is divided up between tilling the land, political activism and talk of what a better future might look like. The film thus delves into the microstructures of local political action while also demonstrating just how dependent the Landless Workers Movement is on Brazilian politics, global capital and the agricultural industry. Occupying a space between frank realism and potent atmospherics that draw their power from poetic digressions, such as deliberately exaggerated moments on the soundtrack, impressionistic close-ups and cinematographic micro-narrations, Chão documents life in the resistance, where hope can sometimes seem like the only thing capable of countering the realities of the world. It was only recently that Jair Bolsonaro, the new president of Brazil, added the landless to the list of enemies of the nation and called on landowners to take up arms to defend their property.
by Camila Freitas Brazil 2019 Portuguese,  Subtitles: English 112’ Colour World premiere Documentary form


DirectorCamila Freitas
ScreenplayCamila Freitas, Marina Meliande
CinematographyCris Lyra, Camila Freitas, Carol Matias
EditingMarina Meliande, Fred Benevides
MusicCelio Barros, Michelle Agnes Magalhães
Sound DesignDaniel De Franco, Matheus Miguens
SoundCamila Machado, Olívia Hernández, Martha Suzana, Apollo Campos
ProducersLeonardo Feliciano, Camila Machado, Francisco Craesmeyer, Douglas Duarte

Produced by


Brasília, Brazil

+55 61 985600158

World sales

FiGa Films

Miami, USA

+1 323 2299816

Camila Freitas

Born in Lauro de Freitas in the state of Bahia, Brazil in 1983. She studied Film and works as a cinematographer and filmmaker. Chão is her first feature-length film.


2003 Passarim (Birdie); 15 min. 2010 De asfalto e Terra Vermelha (Asphalt and Red Earth); 35 min., co-directed by Antoine d’Artemare 2014 Ararat; 14 min., co-directed by Juruna Mallon and Lucas Parente 2019 Chão (Landless)

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