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Our House

Fourteen-year-old Seri lives with her mother in a small town by the ocean, in a house made of wood, with sliding doors, paper walls and tatami straw floors – a house full of history.
Two women meet while leaving a ferry. One seems confused, and declares that she’s lost her memory. All she can remember is her name: Sana. The other woman, Toko, offers Sana a place to stay. The viewer recognises Toko’s house at first glance: It’s the same one where Seri and her mother Kiriko live, albeit furnished slightly differently.
Any attempt to bring together the two stories that are told in parallel from now on falls short. They unfold in tandem, in parallel universes perhaps, separated by boundaries that are nonetheless permeable. Again and again, the inhabitants of the house sense the eerie, ghostlike presence of the others.
The subtle spookiness of the story, heightened by the ethereal music, is occasionally reminiscent of Kiyoshi Kurosawa, with whom the director studied. But she also cites another influence: At the start of the film, a short burst of Bach’s “Well-Tempered Clavier” is heard. Our House borrows its polyphonic narration from the art of Bach’s fugues.

Yui Kiyohara

Japan 2017


80 min · Colour


Nodoka Kawanishi (Seri)
Yukiko Yasuno (Kiriko)
Mariwo Osawa (Sana)
Mei Fujiwara (Toko)
Masanori Kikuzawa (Natsuki)
Akane Yoshida (Kotoe)
Toshio Furuya (Takashi)
Noa Kitamura (Akine)
Reina Hirakwa (Momo)
Takaya Oishi (Coffee Shop Manager)


Yui Kiyohara
Yui Kiyohara, Noriko Kato
Director of Photography
Ryota Chida
Janybek Kambaraliev
Keiichi Sugimoto
Sound Design
Yasunobu Ito, Yusuke Miyoshi
Production Design
Tamako Kato
Masaru Sano


Yui Kiyohara

Born in Tokyo in 1992. She completed a master’s programme in Directing at the Graduate School of Film and New Media, Tokyo University of the Arts. Our House is her graduation project and her first feature film.

Produced by

Masaru Sano
Tokio, Japan
+81 1 9065897385

World sales

Pia Film Festival
Tokio, Japan
+81 3 57745296


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