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Sekala Niskala

The Seen and Unseen

Sichtbar und unsichtbar

‘I feel like I am the moon. So bright. But after a while, the brightness is fading away.’ · ‘I don’t see you fading. You shine brightly just like the full moon.’

Tantra and Tantri are inseparable. When they secretly steal eggs from the family’s sacrificial offering, Tantri always gets the whites and Tantra the yolks. One day, however, the yolk is missing, as is Tantra. Her brother gravely ill and in hospital, Tantri starts slipping into magical parallel worlds, approaching the inevitable farewell through costumes, body paint and dance. When at one point Tantri’s mother washes the paint from her face, it is as if tenderly to expel the illusion that things can remain as they are. In long dream sequences and against the background of the Balinese philosophy of sekala – the seen – and niskala – the unseen – Andini relates how one ten-year-old girl deals with parting and grief.

Kamila Andini

Indonesia / Netherlands / Australia / Qatar 2017


86 min · Colour

recommendation: 11 years and up


Ni Kadek Thaly Titi Kasih (Tantri)
Ida Bagus Putu Radithya Mahijasena (Tantra)
Ayu Laksmi (Mother)
I Ketut Rina (Father)
Happy Salma (Nurse Ida)
Gusti Ayu Raka (Gandma)


Written and directed by
Kamila Andini
Director of Photography
Anggi Frisca
Dinda Amanda, Dwi Agus
Yasuhiro Morinaga
Sound Design
Yasuhiro Morinaga
Production Design
Vida Sylvia
Retno Ratih Damayanti
Eba Sheba
Assistant Director
Pritagita Arianegara
Executive Producers
Garin Nugroho, Trisno, Anggi Frisca, Vida Sylvia, Retno Ratih Damayanti, Eba Sheba, Yasuhiro Morinaga
Kamila Andini, Gita Fara
Ifa Isfansyah
Fourcolours Films, Jakarta
Hubert Bals Fund, Rotterdam
APSA Children Film Fund, Brisbane
Doha Film Institute, Doha


Kamila Andini

Born in Jakarta, Indonesia in 1986, she studied sociology and media arts at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia. Her films focus on socio-cultural topics, gender equality and environmental issues. Her directing debut The Mirror Never Lies, about the lives of Indonesian sea nomads, screened in the 2012 Berlinale Generation. Her two short films Following Diana and Memoria both explore women’s issues in Jakarta and East Timor. Sekala Niskala is her second feature film.


2011 The Mirror Never Lies; Generation 2015 Following Diana; short film 2016 Memoria; short film 2017 Sekala Niskala (The Seen and Unseen)

Produced by

Treewater Productions
Jakarta, Indonesia

World sales

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
+971 566 63824


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