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Cena d’aragoste

Lobster Dinner

Hummer zum Abendbrot

Leone and Michele play football together, puff their first cigarettes, and exchange conspiratorial glances while secretly scrubbing their teeth in conspiracy afterwards. Michele, a boy from a wealthy family, loves to spend time at the chaotic but loving home of his friend Leone. Up to now, their different backgrounds were never an issue. Today Michele has brought a huge pot of lobsters, and carries the living creatures into his friend’s kitchen.

Gregorio Franchetti

USA / Italy 2017


14 min · Colour

recommendation: 12 years and up


Matteo De Buono (Leone)
Edoardo Zuena (Michele)
Marta Zoffoli (Anna)
Fanni Wrochna (Au Pair)


Written and directed by
Gregorio Franchetti
Director of Photography
Ilya Sapeha
Chiara Dainese
Paolo Giuliani
Production Design
Susanna Della Sala
Camilla Giuliani
Alice Gentili
Alessandra Troisi
Assistant Director
Lorenzo Signoretti
Production Management
Francesca Andriani
Executive Producers
Jake Blaine, Guido Cannaviello
Axel Öhman
Cecilia Linares, Marcello Demner


Gregorio Franchetti

He was born and grew up in Rome, Italy. After graduating from SOAS, University of London, he worked on various independent film productions and then took up a degree in directing and screenwriting at Columbia University in New York. Lobster Dinner is his graduation film.


2015 La sosta (Layover); short film 2017 Cena d’aragoste (Lobster Dinner); short film

Produced by

Magdalene Films
New York, USA

Gatto Film
Rom, Italy


Short Films 3 - Kplus

Brottas; Cena d’aragoste; Hvalagapet; Snijeg za Vodu; Toda mi alegría; A Field Guide to Being a 12-Year-Old Girl

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