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More Than Words: Subtitling and Live Voice-Over

When film dialogue is professionally translated through subtitling, the viewer forgets the process of reading and loses herself immersed in the onscreen world and story. But subtitles play a major role in the evocation of meaning in film, as well as for the distribution and evaluation of films internationally. Like literary translation, subtitling is both a craft and an art of translating cultural references and codes. How is cultural specificity and semantic nuance transported through subtitles, and what are the limitations therein? What alternatives to classic subtitles exist? Does live voice over present other possibilities, as it is practiced e.g. in Berlinale's Generation section? These and further questions are raised by experts taking Marie Dumora’s Belinda (Panorama) as a practical case study.

Germany 2017


90 min


Marie Dumora (Expert)
Ian Burley (Expert)
Andrea Kirchhartz (Expert)
Rebekah Smith (Expert)
Beatrice von Moreau (Expert)
Natascha Noack (Moderator)


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    Thu Feb 16 11:30
    HAU Hebbel am Ufer (HAU3) / Top Floor