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“Whoever you are. Where you are. And what ever you are. You are in the middle. That's the game.” Everything is a video game. The game is a simulation of the world, seen from the perspective of everyone and everything: Atoms, plants, animals, planets and galaxies. The English philosopher Alan Watts (1915-1973) accompanies this journey as narrator. It’s a simulation of reality where you can see the world from everything's point of view – it’s kind of a philosophy project in the form of a game. There is no narrative or story - just the world as it is. (David OReilly) In 2008, OReilly received a Special Mention for RGB XYZ and a Golden Bear for Please Say Something in 2009 at the Berlinale Shorts.

David OReilly

USA / Ireland 2017


11 min · Colour


Written and directed by
David OReilly
Ben Lukas Boysen, Sebastian Plano
Alan Watts
Sound Design
Eduardo Ortiz Frau
Damien DiFede


David OReilly

Born in Ireland in 1985, he is a filmmaker and artist based in Los Angeles. He has created several 3D animated short films and has written for the television shows 'Adventure Time' and 'South Park'. He also created fictional video games for Spike Jonze's 2013 feature film Her.

Filmography (short films)

2008 RGB XYZ; Berlinale Shorts 2009 Please Say Something; Berlinale Shorts 2010 The External World 2017 Everything

Produced by

David OReilly
Los Angeles, USA

World sales

Double Fine Presents
San Francisco, USA
+1 415 8961110


Berlinale Shorts Goes Kiez

Fishing Is Not Done On Tuesdays; Kometen; Everything; Estás vendo coisas; Os Humores Artificiais

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Berlinale Shorts IV:Utopia Unplugged

Centauro; Call of Cuteness; The Boy from H2; Altas Cidades de Ossadas; Estás vendo coisas; Everything

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    Fri Feb 10 16:00
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