The Devil is in the Detail: Prop and Modelmaking

Prop and model maker Simon Weisse steps out of his Berlin-based workshop and onto the Berlinale Talents stage to share the joys and errors that surround his niche craft. Simon has built up a distinguished career working alongside production designers and detail-obsessed directors, creating model luxury hotels for Wes Anderson and strange objects for the Wachowski sisters. In a digital age dominated by special effects and a let’s fix- it-in-post mentality, Simon’s models stand out even against the green screens on a set. Providing examples from the brainstorming phase to the actual drawing and sawing in the workshop, Simon lays bare his entire creative process and keeps an eye out for any devils lurking.
with Simon Weisse, Andrew Amondson Germany English 90’ Event


  • Simon Weisse
  • Andrew Amondson (Moderator)


Feb 13 11:30

HAU Hebbel am Ufer (HAU3) / Top Floor

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