In Free Fall: Joys of Trial and Error

Developing ideas is a meandering process. Over the next ninety minutes, Talents alumnus David Lowery returns to the Berlinale with one delicate task in mind: unpicking his own thoughts and turning them into a shared imaginative journey. The indie star director of A Ghost Story and The Old Man & the Gun takes us on a trip through his creative processes by diving into the playlists, books and other artistic pieces that feed his cinematic work. Returning to the sources of our inspiration might just open new creative pathways. So follow the filmmaker who has chosen to wander off the beaten track!
with David Lowery, Jenni Zylka Germany English 90’ Event


  • David Lowery
  • Jenni Zylka (Moderator)


Feb 10 14:00

HAU Hebbel am Ufer (HAU1)

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