Berlinale Talents: Mistakes

It’s hardly a mistake to question aspects of a beloved art. Members from this year’s diverse International Jury take time away from their duties to kick off this edition of Berlinale Talents. Actress Sandra Hüller, director Sebastián Lelio, Chief curator of Film at MoMA Rajenda Roy and film critic Justin Chang bring in the perspectives their different crafts can offer to face up to personal mishaps and the faults they’d like to see cleared up in the film world. Don’t let this chance for a collective catharsis go by as established figures of the filmic landscape delve into the forces behind their faults!
with Justin Chang, Sandra Hüller, Sebastián Lelio, Rajendra Roy, Florian Weghorn Germany English 90’ Event


  • Justin Chang
  • Sandra Hüller
  • Sebastián Lelio
  • Rajendra Roy
  • Florian Weghorn (Moderator)


Feb 10 11:30

HAU Hebbel am Ufer (HAU1)

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