When biology student Jule, 24, discovers she is pregnant, she sets off on a journey to Portugal in her old ‘303’ camper van to tell her boyfriend about it. Outside of Berlin she picks up Jan, 24, a political science student who is hitch-hiking to Spain to find his biological father, whom he has never met before. Since they both love a good discussion, they are soon getting into deep talks about human nature, love and relationships, the meaning of life and everything else. They find common ground in spite of their differences. They cross France to the Atlantic coast through beautiful landscapes, cooking, camping and surfing. Travelling on to Spain, their conversations become more and more intimate. Jule keeps her pregnancy secret, but Jan knows she is going to see her boyfriend. They both realise a relationship is not in the cards. But when soulmates meet, anything is possible ...
by Hans Weingartner
with Mala Emde, Anton Spieker
Germany 2018 German,  Portuguese,  Subtitles: English 145’ Colour, 2K DCP


  • Mala Emde
  • Anton Spieker


DirectorHans Weingartner

Produced by

Kahuuna Films

Berlin, Germany

+49 30 23982997

www.kahuuna.de/ www.kahuuna.de/

World sales

Global Screen

München, Germany

+49 89 2441295500

www.globalscreen.de www.globalscreen.de


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