Aidiyet is a contemporary thriller that maps out a criminal case, though it’s the very opposite of a genre film. In a voice-over delivered in the sober tone of a confession, a man reconstructs the murder of his future mother-in-law. Acting on the wishes of her daughter, his lover, he hired a contract killer to murder her because she opposed their relationship. All that the film shows are the many locations that make up the tragedy: a tidy apartment, the bus station in Ankara, the parking lot, the hallway, the murder victim’s bed… On the way back to Istanbul, the motorway by night becomes a screen onto which the terrible inner torment of someone with a life on his conscience is projected. Then the film changes perspective and shows how the lovers met and what preceded the bloody deed. These seemingly harmless images and conversations become charged by the viewer’s prior knowledge, as if in a psychosis. Why did the mysterious Pelin hate her parents so much? That’s a question the film doesn’t answer. In Aidiyet, Burak Çevik conducts an elegant, exciting, and instinctual experiment with the detective impulses of his audience.
by Burak Çevik
with Çağlar Yalçınkaya, Eylül Su Sapan
Turkey / Canada / France 2019 Turkish,  Subtitles: English 72’ Colour World premiere


  • Çağlar Yalçınkaya (Onur)
  • Eylül Su Sapan (Pelin)


Written and directed byBurak Çevik
CinematographyBarış Aygen
EditingBurak Çevik, Ali Aga
MusicMine Pakel
Sound DesignYalın Özgencil
SoundAhmet Gürbüz
Production DesignDilşad Aladağ
CostumesDilşad Aladağ
ProducersBurak Çevik, Fol Film, Selman Nacar, Kuyu Film, Mustafa Uzuner, Acéphale, Kerem Ayan

Produced by

Fol Film

Istanbul, Turkey

+90 532 5950706

Kuyu Film

Istanbul, Turkey

+1 646 6276463


Montreal, Canada

+1 438 4967860

Kerem Ayan

Paris, France

+90 549 7455637

World sales

Fol Film

Istanbul, Turkey

Burak Çevik

Born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1993. He completed his studies in Film and Television at Istanbul Bilgi University in 2016. After his debut, Tuzdan kaide, Aidiyet is his second feature-length film.


2018 Tuzdan kaide (The Pillar of Salt); 70 min., Forum 2018 2019 Aidiyet (Belonging)

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