Midsummer. On the way back to barracks following a manoeuvre, 19-year-old Paul stays behind unobserved at a motorway service station. When his company leaves, Paul sets off for his parents’ bungalow; his mother and father are away on holiday. He is surprised when his older brother Max and Max’s girlfriend, Lene, turn up. The trio’s carefree sojourn comes to an end when the army catches up with Paul. The brothers’ knee-jerk reaction is to revert to their old familiar roles. A sense of responsibility, the urge to rebel, and Lene, who oscillates between the two young men according to her mood, all serve to make them prisoners of this place which takes them back to their childhood, and to fill them with anger and desire.
Ulrich Köhler’s first film already explores the themes he has extensively revisited in subsequent works: disorientated people alienated from their own families, on the search for stability; and rebels prepared to risk everything to avoid getting stuck in the rut of conventional social expectations and connect instead with their true selves. An intensely laconic tale of existential turmoil.
by Ulrich Köhler
with Lennie Burmeister, Devid Striesow, Trine Dyrholm, Nicole Gläser, Jörg Malchow
Germany 2002 German,  Subtitles: English 85’ Colour, 35 mm


  • Lennie Burmeister (Paul)
  • Devid Striesow (Max)
  • Trine Dyrholm (Lene)
  • Nicole Gläser (Kerstin)
  • Jörg Malchow (Stefan)
  • Maria Hagewald (Dunja)
  • Frank Breitenreiter (Frank)
  • Steffen Münster (Teacher)
  • Michael Abendroth (Cigarette Man)
  • Frederic Neurath (Arne)
  • Helke Sander (Couple at the Railway Station)
  • Lou Castel (Couple at the Railway Station)
  • Walter Zimmermann (Innkeeper)
  • Dirk Jansen (Truck Driver)


DirectorUlrich Köhler
ScreenplayUlrich Köhler, Henrike Goetz
CinematographyPatrick Orth
Camera AssistantUte Freund, Carol Burandt von Kameke
EditingGergana Vogt
SoundJohannes Grehl
Sound EditorThomas Knop
Sound MixingPierre Brand
Art DirectorSilke Fischer
CostumesBirgit Kilian
Make-upAntje Holzapfel
Assistant DirectorLars Henning
Production ManagerSabina Doerr
Location ManagerNicolas Reichelt
ProducersPeter Stockhaus, Tobias Büchner
Commissioning EditorChristian Cloos
Co-productionZDF, Mainz

Produced by

Peter Stockhaus Filmproduktion

Hamburg, Germany

www.peterstockhausfilm.de www.peterstockhausfilm.de

World sales

Peter Stockhaus Filmproduktion

Hamburg, Germany

www.peterstockhausfilm.de www.peterstockhausfilm.de

Ulrich Köhler

Born in Marburg, Germany in 1969, between 1989 and 1991 he studied art in Quimper in France, followed by philosophy in Hamburg and then visual communication at the University of Fine Arts Hamburg, where he received his degree in 1998. He also made his short films there. His feature films Bungalow (2002) and Montag kommen die Fenster (Windows on Monday, 2006) screened at numerous festivals and won prizes both in Germany and abroad. Schlafkrankheit (Sleeping Sickness) premiered in the 2011 Competition where it won the Silver Bear for Best Director. His film In My Room screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival.


2002 Bungalow; Panorama 2006 Montag kommen die Fenster; Forum 2011 Schlafkrankheit; Competition 2018 In My Room

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