Hi, A.I.

Maybe we need to arrange the world as we know it anew. Maybe humankind will have to cope with not being the master and measure of all things. Maybe we will be challenged to question our position in creation. Twenty years from now, robots will be as common as smartphones are today. We are already witnessing humanoid robots and artificial intelligence entering our everyday lives and our private ones - and how they are changing our view of ourselves. The film undertakes a journey into the hope of making our future a better place through technological advances. And into the danger of destroying the humane and even humanity itself. What does it do to us when we share our lives with humanoid robots? In large-scale, cinematic images, Hi, A.I. delves into the big questions of human existence: Who are WE? And who do we want to be in the future? A science-fiction documentary.
by Isa Willinger Germany 2019 English,  German,  Italian,  Japanese,  Subtitles: German,  English 86’ Colour, 2K DCP Documentary form


DirectorIsa Willinger

Produced by

Kloos & Co. Medien

Berlin, Germany

30 47372980

kloosundco.de/ kloosundco.de/

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Rise and Shine World Sales

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