Electric Minds: Spannung

In the new Berlinale Open House series, ‘Electric Minds’, Jörg Thadeusz talks to experts from film, culture, society and the economy about one keyword and its significance in their respective field of expertise, searching for cross-references and common characteristics. His guests this evening are the yoga teacher Steph Jaksch, who has taught Hollywood stars including Woody Harrelson, Jessica Biel and Sting, and the internationally renowned theremin player Lydia Kavina. He discusses ‘tension’ with them.
with Jörg Thadeusz, Steph Jaksch, Lydia Kavina, Moritz Baumann, Johannes Krell German 90’ Event


  • Jörg Thadeusz (Moderation)
  • Steph Jaksch
  • Lydia Kavina
  • Moritz Baumann
  • Johannes Krell


Free entrance

Feb 09 19:00

Audi Berlinale Lounge

limited capacity