Miss World

A modern Aphrodite – how is it possible to be super sexy and successful at the same time? A career woman faces the conflicting demands of her parents, social life, and her husband. Driven by their off-camera voices to become ever more efficient, Lisa becomes a woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown. The short combines live action and animation in a film with a slapstick tenor that is a colourful, but by no means rosy depiction of the future pressures women will face in a digital working environment.
by Barbara Marheineke Germany 1998 German 5’ Colour, 35 mm


DirectorBarbara Marheineke

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Film print: Barbara Marheineke


Short Films 1: Work and Everyday Life
Feb 09 16:45

CinemaxX 8

Subtitles: English

Guests: Cristina Perincioli, Barbara Marheineke, Róza Berger-Fiedler

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Feb 15 17:00


Subtitles: English

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