Für Frauen. 1. Kapitel

For Women – Chapter 1
Equal pay for equal work! Four female employees at a West Berlin supermarket, who feel heavy pressure both at work and at home, go on strike to demand the same salary that their male colleague gets. The band Ton Steine Scherben sings along that “Everything changes if you change it / But you can't win as long as you're alone!” With a lay cast, the film fulfils the demand for solidarity that it preaches – “this film was made by saleswomen and housewives. They came up with the story and acted themselves. The film students helped them”.
by Cristina Perincioli Federal Republic of Germany 1972 German 29’ Colour, 16 mm Documentary form Digitally Restored Version 2018 Rating R0


DirectorCristina Perincioli

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DCP: Deutsche Kinemathek, Berlin


Short Films 1: Work and Everyday Life
Feb 09 16:45

CinemaxX 8

Subtitles: English

Guests: Cristina Perincioli, Barbara Marheineke, Róza Berger-Fiedler

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Feb 15 17:00


Subtitles: English

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