A consciously modern depiction of working women in East Germany – labourers and managers in a garment factory talk about relationships and family planning, raising children and career qualifications, women’s rights and equality in the socialist (meritocratic) society. In conversations with a doctor, the women also have a chance to voice their personal concerns, as well as their feelings about the birth control pill, a subject that caused a stir at the time.
by Gitta Nickel German Democratic Republic 1970 German 30’ Black/White, 35 mm Documentary form Rating R12


DirectorGitta Nickel

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Film print: DEFA-Filmverleih in der Deutschen Kinemathek, Berlin


Short Films 1: Work and Everyday Life
Feb 09 16:45

CinemaxX 8

Subtitles: English

Guests: Cristina Perincioli, Barbara Marheineke, Róza Berger-Fiedler

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Feb 15 17:00


Subtitles: English

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