Press Programme search help page

Performing a search
Using the search box, you can search the entire programme of press screenings of the Berlinale. You do not need to write out the full film title and name. The search function is not case-sensitive.
You can also filter by section, venue, country of production, day and showtime. The filter criteria can be combined any way you like. However, the filter search does not allow a keyword search to be combined with a film title/person search.

Search results
The main element of the search result is the complete film title, followed by the date and venue of the press screening. By clicking on the title you can view the detail page of the film where all further festival screening dates are listed (including the press screening).
The standard results will be sorted alphabetically according to the original title of the film or event. By simply clicking on the sort criteria ("sort by") you will be able to re-sort the results at any time.

You can find a key to all of the icons and abbreviations used in the programme search at the foot of each page.

"My Programme"
With the "My Programme" function, you can create your own customised festival programme. Over the icon "add to programme planner" in the programme search, you may save selected screenings. These will be displayed in "My Programme" with date and showtime. By clicking on the icon in the programme search again or the corresponding icon in the programme planner, you can remove events. In order to be able to use "My Programme", you must be logged into "My Account". If you do not have an account for the Berlinale website, you can create one at any time. Thanks to the synchronisation between website and the Berlinale apps (Android & iOS) the watch list remains up-to-date across multiple devices.

Note on the "Embargo" regulation for world premieres
Please respect the embargo regulation for world premieres. Reviews of films that celebrate their world premieres at the Berlinale may only be published after the beginning of the first public screening (start of the screening + 30 minutes).