Berlinale: Press Conference Schedule

Press Conferences Berlinale

Press Conferences for the Berlinale's Competition films usually take place directly after the press screening. Press Conferences are also scheduled for some films in the Panorama and the Berlinale Special programme.
Please note that additional discussions about the films in the different sections often take place in the cinemas immediately after the screenings.

All Press Conferences and Photo Calls, the Opening and Closing Ceremony are streamed live on our website.

Please note that the information given on this page may be updated from time to time.

Sunday, February 18

La prière | The Prayer by Cédric Kahn
10.50 Photo Call
11.00 Press Conference

Cédric Kahn (Director, Screenwriter)
Hanna Schygulla (Actress)
Anthony Bajon (Actor)
Damien Chapelle (Actor)
Alex Brendemühl (Actor)
Fanny Burdino (Screenwriter)
Samuel Doux (Screenwriter)
Sylvie Pialat (Producer)
Moderation: Maria Giovanna

L'Animale by Katharina Mückstein
12.00 Photo Call
12.10 Press Conference

Katharina Mueckstein (Director, Screenwriter)
Sophie Stockinger (Actress)
Kathrin Resetarits (Actress)
Dominik Warta (Actor)
Michael Kitzberger (Producer)
Flavio Marchetti (Producer)
Moderation: Jenni Zylka

Figlia Mia | Daughter of Mine by Laura Bispuri
13.50 Photo Call
14.00 Press Conference

Laura Bispuri (Director, Screenwriter)
Valeria Golino (Actress)
Alba Rohrwacher (Actress)
Marta Donzelli (Producer)
Paolo Del Brocco (CEO Rai Cinema)
Moderation: Vincenzo Bugno

Genezis | Genesis by Árpád Bogdán
15.00 Photo Call
15.10 Press Conference

Árpád Bogdán (Director, Screenwriter)
Anna Marie Cseh (Actress)
Lídia Danis (Actress)
Milán Csordás (Actor)
Gábor Ferenczy (Producer)
Moderation: Nikolaj Nikitin

Toppen av inventing | The Real Estate by Måns Månsson, Axel Petersén
17.05 Photo Call
17.15 Press Conference

Måns Månsson (Director, Producer, Director of Photography)
Axel Petersén (Director, Screenwriter)
Léonore Ekstrand (Actress)
Sigrid Helleday (Producer)
Moderation: Nikolaj Nikitin

Berlinale Special Gala
Monster Hunt 2 by Raman Hui
19.10 Photo Call

Raman HUI (Director)
BAI Baihe (Actress) “Buba Monster”

Monday, February 19

Utøya 22.juli | U - July 22 by Erik Poppe
10.40 Photo Call
10.50 Press Conference

Ondes de choc - Journal de ma tête | Shock Waves - Diary of My Mind by Ursula Meier / Ondes de choc - Prénom: Mathieu | Shock Waves – First Name: Mathieu by Lionel Baier
12.00 Photo Call
12.10 Press Conference

3 Tage in Quiberon | 3 Days in Quiberon by Emily Atef
13.45 Photo Call
14.00 Press Conference

Competition (Out of Competition)
7 Days in Entebbe by José Padilha
16.40 Photo Call
16.50 Press Conference

Tuesday, February 20

Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot by Gus Van Sant
11.00 Photo Call
11.10 Press Conference

La enfermedad del domingo | Sunday's Illness by Ramon Salazar
13.30 Photo Call
13.40 Press Conference

Honorary Golden Bear | Homage Willem Dafoe
15.45 Photo Call
16.00 Press Conference

Ang Panahon ng Halimaw | The Season Of The Devil by Lav Diaz
17.10 Photo Call
17.20 Press Conference

Berlinale Special Gala
Das schweigende Klassenzimmer | The Silent Revolution by Lars Kraume
19.15 Photo Call
19.25 Press Conference

Wednesday, February 21

Berlinale Shorts
Directors Berlinale Shorts
10.30 Photo Call

Mein Bruder heißt Robert und ist ein Idiot | My Brother’s Name is Robert And He is an Idiot by Philip Gröning
12.05 Photo Call
12.15 Press Conference

Khook | Pig by Mani Haghighi
13.15 Photo Call
13.25 Press Conference

Yocho (Foreboding) by Kiyoshi Kurosawa
14.20 Photo Call
14.30 Press Conference

Competition (Out of Competition)
Unsane by Steven Soderbergh
16.50 Photo Call
17.00 Press Conference

Berlinale Special Gala
Unga Astrid | Becoming Astrid by Pernille Fischer Christensen
19.10 Photo Call
19.20 Press Conference

Thursday, February 22

Competition (Out of Competition)
Eldorado by Markus Imhoof
10.40 Photo Call
10.50 Press Conference

Museo | Museum by Alonso Ruizpalacios
13.50 Photo Call
14.00 Press Conference

Yardie by Idris Elba
15.30 Photo Call
15.40 Press Conference

Touch Me Not by Adina Pintilie
18.45 Photo Call
19.00 Press Conference

Friday, February 23

Twarz | Mug by Małgorzata Szumowska
10.40 Photo Call
10.50 Press Conference

In den Gängen | In The Aisles by Thomas Stuber
13.55 Photo Call
14.05 Press Conference

Competition (Out of Competition)
Àga by Milko Lazarov
16.45 Photo Call
16.55 Press Conference

Berlinale Special
The Interpreter by Martin Sulík
18.40 Photo Call
18.50 Press Conference

Berlinale Special Gala
Songwriter by Murray Cummings
19.30 Photo Call
19.40 Press Conference

Saturday, February 24

Awards of the Independent Juries
12.00 Press Conference

Award Winners 68th Berlinale
20.45 Press Conference