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Stills of Berlinale Films


Accredited print and online journalists who registered through the online accreditation system have automatic access to film stills via their personal account until March 15. Image material will be made available online successively starting January 15.

Please note:

  • The usage rights of current films are valid only for festival coverage.
  • The rights holder must be named in the credits for published photos. If a photo is not explicitly accompanied by the name of a copyright holder, then no copyright may be assigned to this photo.
  • To be able to use an image after March 15, you must obtain the rights from the respective rights holder.
  • When using images on social networks, please ensure that the rights holder has granted you permission to do so.
  • Photos may not be passed on to third parties. Any breach of this rule could result in your access being blocked and your accreditation withdrawn.


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