Press Conferences &
Director's Talks

Press Conferences for the Berlinale's Competition films usually take place directly after the press screening. Press Conferences are also scheduled for some films in the Panorama and the Berlinale Special programme.

To mark the introduction of the new Encounters section, a new talk format has been created: the Director’s Talk. Instead of Press Conferences, 10-minute moderated conversations will be conducted with the directors of the Encounters programme selection, as well as with several filmmakers from Panorama. These will take place in English or be interpreted into English where necessary. The Director’s Talks will take place without a live audience or press presence and will be streamed live. The recordings of the Director’s Talks may be used for editorial coverage.

Please note that additional discussions about the films in the different sections (not Competition) often take place in the cinemas immediately after the screenings.

All Press Conferences and Photo Calls, Director’s Talks as well as the Opening and Closing Ceremony are streamed live.


TV/Radio Office

  • The press conference room is located in the Press Centre on the first floor of the Grand Hyatt Berlin and seats about 350 people.
  • Access will be granted according to capacity.
  • A raised platform is available for use by TV camera teams.
  • Please note that photographing inside the press conference room using professional equipment is only allowed for accredited photographers. A press photographer accreditation does not automatically guarantee access to the Press Conferences, though (limited capacity).

Terms of use for audio-visual material recorded on behalf of the festival:

The Press Conferences for films in Competition, Panorama Special and Berlinale Special will be recorded on behalf of the festival using three-camera technology. As a service to radio journalists, the Berlinale also provides digital audio recordings of these Press Conferences in their original language, as well as English and German translations.

The recorded audio or audiovisual material will be made available for media coverage according to predetermined conditions.

a. as licensed material:

  • Distributors and producers can purchase the live recordings of the Press Conferences and Director's Talks for their films in QuickTime format (H.264), e.g. for use as bonus material for a DVD production of the film, or for press work.
  • A license agreement must be signed prior to purchase.

Please direct any further questions to the TV/Radio Office:

b. for up-to-date media coverage:

  • TV channels and radio stations can copy the material for their own Berlinale coverage royalty-free.
  • Duplication costs are carried by the respective broadcast station.

For further questions you may contact:

  • Audio recordings are available to radio journalists for direct download on our website.
  • Radio journalists who registered through the accreditation system have automatic access to audio file downloads via their personal account.
  • The audio files will be available in the original language, as well as English and German translations, as mono mp3 recordings.
  • The files are available for download every year from the start of the festival until March 25.
  • Press Conferences and Director's Talks are streamed live and on demand on the Berlinale website, and can be retrieved from the online archive after the fact.