Press Releases 2021

Forum & Forum Expanded

Feb 09, 2021: Slaloming Between Fiction and Documentary: the Films of the 51st Berlinale Forum

Work, love, friendship, cinema: today, all these things have to be managed very differently than a year ago. The certainties we were still able to rely on in autumn 2019 have become porous [...]
Forum & Forum Expanded

Feb 09, 2021: 16th Forum Expanded - The Days Float Through My Eyes

The Forum Expanded film selection consists of four short film selections, one medium-length film and two feature-length films, with a total of 18 films to be shown in March [...]
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Feb 01, 2021: Golden Bear Winners Form the International Jury of the 71st Berlinale

With the 71st Berlin International Film Festival, the Berlinale is entering into new territory. The festival will take place in two stages. As already announced, the Industry Event kicks off from March 1 to 5, 2021. From June 9 to 20, the Berlinale will invite the audience to the Summer Special [...]
Forum & Forum Expanded

Nov 30, 2020: Berlinale Spotlight: 50 Years of the Forum in New York

Together with film curators of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), the Berlinale Forum has put together six programmes entitled “Comes the Revolution: The Berlinale Forum at 50”, which can be seen online from December 14 to 20 [...]