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Feb 01, 2023: Berlinale Series 2023: Berlinale Series Award Jury

For the first time, the Berlinale Series Award in cooperation with “Deadline” will be given to the best series [...]
Berlinale Special & Berlinale Series

Jan 30, 2023: Berlinale Special Finalises Its Programme 2023 by Adding Two More Titles

The documentary Love to Love You, Donna Summer and the short films shown in 100 Years of Disney Animation - a Shorts Celebration complete the film selection [...]
Berlinale Special & Berlinale Series

Jan 23, 2023: Berlinale Special Gala with Documentary on Ukraine

More than a documentary, Superpower is the chronicle of a film project that reality forced to change in to something less controllable but more meaningful [...]
Berlinale Special & Berlinale Series

Jan 18, 2023: Berlinale Special: Kiss the Future

Berlinale Special has added one illuminating title; a powerful documentary that looks back at a past that mirrors the present [...]
Berlinale Special & Berlinale Series

Jan 16, 2023: Future Now

In its ninth edition, Berlinale Series presents eight world and international premieres [...]
Berlinale Special & Berlinale Series

Jan 13, 2023: Berlinale Special

Glamour and popular films in the Gala Premieres, in-depth debates at the panel discussions, a spotlight on current topics, unusual formats and the honouring of extraordinary film personalities – Berlinale Special is one of the festival’s most versatile programmes [...]
Berlinale Special & Berlinale Series

Jan 11, 2023: She Came to Me by Rebecca Miller Will Open the 2023 Berlinale

The 73rd Berlin International Film Festival will open on February 16, 2023 with the world premiere of the US production She Came to Me [...]
Berlinale Special & Berlinale Series

Dec 20, 2022: Berlinale Special & Berlinale Series Release First Titles

Berlinale Special captivates audiences with its variety of formats and a multifaceted programme. The 73rd Berlinale will include a series of “special” films that elevate cinema as an art form, that reconnect the audience with very beloved characters or people and that explore the dark side of the night [...]
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Oct 13, 2022: Berlinale 2023: “Let’s Get Together”

On-Site Festival for Industry and Audiences / New Award in the Series Segment / Berlinale Pro* Label [...]