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Nov 09, 2020: The Berlinale Mourns the Death of Fernando Solanas

Solanas was one of Latin America’s most important political filmmakers, who never tired of protesting against the injustices and iniquities in his home country of Argentina, as well as in the rest of the world [...]
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Sep 30, 2020: Historical Study on Berlinale Founding Director Alfred Bauer

The study confirms that Bauer's role in the Reichsfilmintendanz was more significant than previously known and was systematically covered up by him after 1945 [...]
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Sep 23, 2020:

The well-known Berliner actor and director passed away on September 22, 2020 [...]
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Sep 21, 2020: The Berlinale Calls for the Release of Hajooj Kuka

The Berlin International Film Festival joins the international protest against the arrest of Sudanese filmmaker Hajooj Kuka and four other artists [...]
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Sep 14, 2020: Berlinale Spotlight: Generation in Japan 2020

With its specially curated programmes, the Berlinale has been present around the world for many years. Moreover, the Berlinale Spotlight extends the festival period and makes the activities of the Berlinale visible throughout the year [...]
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Sep 11, 2020: Call for the Immediate and Unconditional Release of Nasrin Sotoudeh

The Berlin International Film Festival and the European Film Academy Call for the Immediate and Unconditional Release of Writer, Human Rights Lawyer, and Activist Nasrin Sotoudeh [...]
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Aug 24, 2020: Berlinale 2021: Festival Planned as Physical Event / New: Gender-Neutral Performance Awards

The Berlin International Film Festival has made its first decisions for the 2021 festival. The Berlinale 2021 is being planned as a physical festival. A hybrid model is intended for the European Film Market (EFM) [...]
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Jul 23, 2020: Outdoor Summer Berlinale

Finally, it’s time to go to the cinema again - from August 10 to 12, 2020, audience favourites from this year’s Berlinale will be presented at Berlin’s outdoor cinema Freiluftkino Friedrichshain [...]
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May 28, 2020: Remembering Renate Krößner

In the 1980s, Krößner was best known for her portrayal of the young singer Sunny in Konrad Wolf's last film Solo Sunny, for which she received the Silver Bear for Best Actress at the 30th Berlinale in 1980 [...]
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May 28, 2020: Berlinale Mourns the Loss of Irm Hermann

The actress Irm Hermann died on May 26, 2020. Due to her decades of work with leading German directors such as Christoph Schlingensief, Hans W. Geissendörfer, Loriot, Ulrike Ottinger and above all Rainer Werner Fassbinder, she was one of the most striking faces of German film [...]