Photo Boulevard

The festival photographers 2020 were: Ali Ghandtschi, Alexander Janetzko, Sandra Weller, Erik Weiss and Piero Chiussi for the Competition films, the special events and receptions and the Berlinale Special events, Dirk Michael Deckbar for the Competition films and Encounters, Stefanie Schmid Rincon for Berlinale Series, Peter Kreibich for Berlinale Goes Kiez, Brigitte Dummer and Gundula Krüger in the Panorama, Ronny Heine in the Panorama and for „On Transmission“ Daniel Seiffert in the Perspektive Deutsches Kino, Max Kullmann and Jan Kraus for Generation, Peter Himsel and David Ausserhofer for Berlinale Talents, Dario Lehner in the Forum, Kay Strasser in the Forum Expanded, Piero Chiussi for the Retrospective, Juliane Eirich, Lia Darjes and Angela Regenbrecht for the European Film Market, Carlos Collado and Lydia Hesse for the Berlinale Co-Production Market, Jan Windszus and Cécile Mella for the sponsorship department and Dorothea Tuch for the Berlinale Shorts.