On Scene 2020

on scene 2020

In 2020, the Berlinale presents the "on scene" photography project in cooperation with the SRH Hochschule der populären Künste (hdpk, "academy of popular arts") in Berlin. From February 21 to 28, 32 students from the hdpk have the opportunity to prove themselves amidst the festival action and demonstrate their talent.

The students participating in the project are Jorge Alvarado, Anton Beliaev, Mary Berhane, Nina Bolwin, Chelsea Brünger, Marco von Felten, Finn Grande, Nils Hansen, Niklas Jacobsen, Hendrik Jüngst, Tristan Kahlo, Elisabeth Kari, Peter Kaufmann, Laura Klein, Louisa Luna Kühl, Lukas Kühleitner, Jizhe Li, Sofia Margesin, Marie Matzke, Louange Mubengay, Takashi Nakagawa, Anna Niemann, Christopher Ohl, Sinan Palloks, Mary Pham, Anna Pojero, Tim Schmitz, Lukas Spichtig, Américo Stagno Letelier, Lea Sulzberger, Reza Tajiki, Tobias Wimmer.

From March 1 to 14, the pictures will be on display in the subjectobject gallery. (Grunewaldstraße 79, 10823 Berlin).
Opening hours: Tue / Wed / Thu / Fri / Sat 12 noon to 7pm.