Berlinale Goes Kiez 2020

Since 2010, Berlinale Goes Kiez has honoured the vibrant diversity of cinemas throughout the capital and surrounding regions by featuring one local cinema as an additional Berlinale venue on each of seven consecutive evenings. Daily, from February 22 to 28, 2020, when the Red Carpet is rolled out in a different neighbourhood, not only the film teams will be in the limelight, but also the cinemas themselves and their visitors.

In short video portraits Ioana Taut, Philipp Engelhard and Anne Lakeberg (City Kino Wedding), Daniela Zuklic and Christiane Niewald (Thalia Programmkino), Sophia Derda and Hendrik Klatte (Filmrauschpalast), Andreas Wieske (Xenon Kino), Thomas Tretter (b-ware! Ladenkino), Iris Praefke and Monika Anna Wojtyllo (Moviemento) as well as Valeska Hanel (Neue Kammerspiele) invite viewers to come and get to know their venues.

The full Berlinale Goes Kiez programme will be announced on February 11.

Tickets for all regular screenings will be available from February 17 wherever Berlinale tickets are sold as well as in the respective neighbourhood cinema.

You can find an overview of the entire Berlinale Goes Kiez programme here.

City Kino Wedding

Thalia Programmkino (Potsdam – Babelsberg)

Filmrauschpalast (Moabit)

Xenon Kino (Schöneberg)

b-ware! Ladenkino (Friedrichshain)

Moviemento (Kreuzberg)

Neue Kammerspiele (Kleinmachnow)

Special Screening at the JVA Plötzensee Penal Institution

Due to the unusual venue, there will be special admission regulations. Tickets for the event may only be purchased at Berlinale advance ticket sales and by registering with your full name. Tickets are non-transferable, that is, they may only be used by those who bought them.
On the day of the event, ticket holders will be admitted to the JVA Plötzensee only on presentation of a valid identity card or passport. Valuables — such as mobile phones, keys, money, credit cards — as well as food may not be brought into the facility. A limited number of lockers will be available, yet since they are small, do not bring any large bags or luggage.
Please allow 45 minutes to get in. There is no admission for latecomers.
A limited number of press representatives may attend by registering in advance with . Photography and video recordings are not permitted.

February 27 at 5 pm
Kids Run by Barbara Ott from Perspektive Deutsches Kino with a discussion following the presentation

Berlinale Goes Kiez is supported by the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg.