Berlinale: Berlinale Trailer

The Berlinale Trailer

Berlinale Trailer 2019

Since 2002 the Berlin International Filmfestival has an official festival trailer. The 50-second computer animation is the opener for every film screening during the Berlinale programme of all sections.

In cooperation with director Uli M Schueppel, Berlinale partner ARRI created a completely new, digital edition of the Berlinale opener on the occasion of the 65th Berlin International Film Festival. Since then the trailer can be shown at a resolution of up to 4K and at a frame rate of up to 96 frames per second, as well as in stereo 3D. The accompanying melody by Xaver von Treyer and Johannes Koeniger has also now been remixed in 7.1 Surround Sound and the immersive Dolby Atmos sound format by Dolby and ROTOR Film Babelsberg.

Idea and director: Uli M Schueppel
Storyboard: Angelika Margull
Music: Johannes Koeniger
Xaver von Treyer
Animation: ARRI Media GmbH

Uli M Schueppel ( directed numerous internationally awarded fiction films (e.g. planet alex, Vaterland) and documentaries (e.g. The Road to God Knows Where, Frozen Stories, The Day). His films The Place, BerlinSong, and Off Ways (Elektrokohle) have been screened in the official programme of Berlinale (Forum / Panorama). Since the original version in 2002 Uli M Schueppel has varied the trailer in details annually.

As composers, producers, engineers and programmers Xaver von Treyer ( and Johannes Koeniger ( have been involved in countless projects. Their musical and audio-technical input is much sought after in music productions, commercials and scores for films: Heaven, Goodbye Lenin, Run Lola Run, and a wide range of commercial and music clips. Under the name of Raccoon Brothers and In Sate Of Flux they release their own records and are present in the club scene as DJs and performers.

ARRI produces the popular Berlinale trailer in all necessary versions and formats.The trailer conceived by director Uli M Schueppel is shown before all film screenings at the festival.

The Berlinale trailer which was created in 2002 is continuously adapted by ARRI to fulfill the latest technical standards and meet the rising screening demands. Since 2011 there is a 3D version of the trailer and in 2015 ARRI also created an entire digital new edition in 4K-resolution and „high-frame-rate“.

In 2015, the Berlinale theme melody was remixed by ROTOR Film Babelsberg in Dolby Atmos and 7.1 surround sound. Thus, the Berlinale Trailer is presented in the immersive sound format at the Berlinale Palast, the Zoo Palast and CineStar.