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The festival's deadlines for the receipt of entry forms and films have passed. The film entry is no longer active.

At “My Film Entry” you can find an overview of your saved film submissions to the Berlin International Film Festival.

General Guidelines for Berlinale Series

  • Series must have world or international premiere status (international premiere means the series can be broadcast/streamed in the country of origin only).
  • German series must be world premieres.
  • Only series completed within twelve months before the start of the festival may be considered.
  • Series must consist of four or more episodes.
  • Berlinale Series generally presents first seasons only. Exceptions can be made in the cases of new seasons with independent stories from previous seasons.
  • All invited series agree to a minimum of two screenings during the course of the festival. Additional screenings will be held as per agreement by the rights holder.
  • By submitting your series it is automatically considered for the "Berlinale Series Market Selects", a curated highlight programme within the market screenings. If you do not wish to be considered for a market screening, kindly let us know.

Selection Screeners and Technical Details

  • Deadline for screeners is November 24, 2021. This includes the online submission and screener upload.
  • For selection purposes, series that are submitted should at least have reached the stage of picture lock.
  • At least two episodes or a minimum of 75 minutes should be made available. Single episodes cannot be considered.
  • Series can be submitted in their original version with English subtitles for the selection process (except if the series’ original version is English).
  • Berlinale Series uses the film festival’s system for selection screeners. Links and logins to material are not accepted. A screener can be uploaded after the submission process is completed. As the system was created for films, only one screener can be uploaded, so we kindly ask you to combine the episodes into one file. Please see also the technical specifications for the file upload.
  • Unless specified differently here, the festival’s General Guidelines for Submission and Participation apply for all series entries.

Head of Berlinale Series

Julia Fidel
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Programme Coordinator Berlinale Series

Bente Schill
phone +49 30 259 20 912

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