Prizes of the Independent Juries

A jury is considered independent when its members are not selected by the Berlinale. A number of independent juries award prizes at the Berlinale. The high level of quality and diversity of the films are an invitation for critical examination and discerning judgment that opens up new directions. Accordingly the independent juries award their prizes along different criteria, in accordance to the special intention linked to each award.

Since 1992, the international film organisations of the Protestant and Catholic Churches - INTERFILM and SIGNIS - have been represented by the Ecumenical Jury. It consists of six members and awards its main prize to a film entered in the Competition. It also awards two other prizes, both worth 2,500 Euros, one to a film from the Panorama and one to a film in the Forum.

The prizes go to directors who have succeeded in portraying actions or human experiences that are in keeping with the Gospels, or in sensitising viewers to spiritual, human or social values.

Prize Winner Competition 2020

Sheytan vojud nadarad (There Is No Evil) by Mohammad Rasoulof

Jury statement:
The movie reflects upon the importance of moral conscience in four episodes, telling the stories of four men who are confronted with carrying out death penalties and the people surrounding them. Especially the stories of young men faced with this task during their military service, one escaping, another facing the task, and the complications and deep moral conflicts these killings bring about for them confront the audience with the disturbing reality in the Iranian political and judicial system. The actions of these men have a deep impact on the relationships to their loved ones and families, especially the strong female characters. The atmosphere of political persecution is unsettling. In a very impressive way the film depicts the options that exist, and gives a sense of the possibility of decision and resistance even under political pressure. Thus it shows an impressive fundamental critique of death penalty in general and especially of the oppressive system in Iran by means of outstanding storytelling and cinematography and the intense acting. In this the film is a strong statement of human dignity which constitutes us as a person in Iran and everywhere.

Prize Winner Panorama 2020

Otac (Father) by Srdan Golubović

Jury statement:
The road movie is based on a true story of a father who walks 300 km from the province to the Serbian capital to show his desperate will to get back his children. Because of the precarious economical family situation and a desperate irrational act of his wife the children were taken care of by the youth welfare office. The film shows that the Serbian system is still stuck in socialistic arbitrariness, corrupt structures, a strong urban-rural divide and an unbearable neglect of the whole country. Yet the father manages to deal with the catastrophic tension, his feelings of guilt and the challenges on his way to Belgrade in a reserved and non-violent way. In the character of the father the jury recognizes an example of an attitude of persistence and search for justice without hurting anyone else. Thus the father becomes a hero without considering himself as a hero at all.

Special Mention: Saudi Runaway by Susanne Regina Meures
Her upcoming wedding day will change Muna’s life forever. It is the day she makes her decision, not about her groom already chosen for her, but whether to seek freedom outside of Saudi Arabia. A woman of courage facing dangers and challenges, Muna plots her escape from her paternalistic society. Exactly because she is a person of compassion and love for family values, she has to leave. This coming-of-self-determination-story is real, authentic and touching, being totally put together of smartphone videos. Susanne Regina Meures as the director with Muna as protagonist and person created more than a film, together they added feminism to smartphone and cast dignity of women as a bridge instead of a border. And together they added a young woman to Germany who is happy about the sun of freedom inside – and so very fine about the rain outside.

Jury statement:

Prize Winner Forum 2020

Seishin 0 (Zero) by Kazuhiro Soda

Jury statement:
With subtle though effective use of cinematic means, especially of camera and montage, the film shows the impact the psychiatrist Dr. Masatomo Yamamoto has on his patients and their fear of a future without him as he approaches retirement. With a sensitive understanding of their distress and with gentle encouragement, he motivates and accompanies them as they seek to move forward. In the second part, he is shown after his retirement, spending time with his wife now with dementia. Impressive in its seeming simplicity, the film is a landmark for human dignity and agency. Compassion and humility guide the action. A moving film about the value of human agency and care for loved ones in a society motivated more by financial and social success.

Members of the Jury 2020
Jury president: Roland Wicher
Kodjo Ognandou AYETAN
Alexander Bothe
Rinke Dellebeke-van Hell
Melanie Pollmeier
James Thessin

The juries of the “Fédération Internationale de la Presse Cinématographique” (FIPRESCI), the international film critics association, view films from the Competition programme and the Encouters, Panorama and Forum sections. They award a prize for the best film in each of these sections.

Prize Winner Competition 2020

Undine by Christian Petzold

Jury statement:
At the same time a myth inspired film and a complex portrait of a modern woman, with an outstanding performance by Paula Beer. The poetry of the fairy tale is transformed into striking images by cinematographer Hans Fromm.

Prize Winner Encounters 2020

A metamorfose dos pássaros (The Metamorphosis of Birds) by Catarina Vasconcelos

Jury statement:
We are very glad to award our FIPRESCI prize for the new section Encounters to A metamorfose dos pássaros by Catarina Vasconcelos. Hers is a piercingly beautiful evocation of the past in cinematic form, as delicate as the the wings of a sparrow and as fragile and as intricate as an assemblage by Joseph Cornell. This tender, poetic, and deeply personal debut - elegantly shot on 16mm film - mediates between a man and a woman, mother and child, love and loss, land and sea, vertical plants and maritime miracles. We honour it with our highest praise. The FIPRESCI prize in the Encounters section 2020 goes to the film A metamorfose dos pássaros by Catarina Vasconcelos.

Prize Winner Panorama 2020

Mogul Mowgli by Bassam Tariq

Jury statement:
It is a story that gives a second chance to deal with the problem of personal maturation, through the feeling of belonging to a community represented by the family. The first was through music and escaping from the cultural demands of the environment. The stylistic approach is varied: surreal-symbolic and realistic. The use of music and its insertion in the narrative is well justified and provides meaning, it is not only illustrative. It is a promising debut of great maturity. The performance is outstanding. The FIPRESCI prize in the Panorama section 2020 goes to the film Mogul Mowgli by Bassam Tariq.

Special Mention: A l’abordage by Guillaume Brac

Prize Winner Forum 2020

The Twentieth Century by Matthew Rankin

Jury statement:
Not only is it the 70th Berlinale this year, the Forum is also celebrating its 50th anniversary. And in her first year as section head, Cristina Nord has managed to programme a diverse range of titles that are both challenging and rewarding, and that introduce us to fresh and essential cinematic voices from around the world. One of those is Matthew Rankin, whose film is a topical satire, laying bare the perversion and violence of populist politics, but doing so with a great sense of style and humour. It's an accomplished and mature work that never feels like a debut feature film. The FIPRESCI prize in the Forum 2020 goes to the film The Twentieth Century by MATTHEW RANKIN.

Special Mention: Ouvertures by The Living and the Dead Ensemble

Members of the Jury 2020

Michel Ciment
Ninos Feneck Mikelides
Ulrich Sonnenschein

Ingrid Beerbaum
Christopher Small
Ana Sturm

Wilfred Okiche
Eva Peydró
Teresa Vena

Anzhelika Artyukh
Schayan Riaz
Narjes Torchani

The jury of the “Guild Film Prize” is composed of three members who run cinemas and are members of the AG Kino - Gilde e.V. (association of German Art House Cinemas). The jury awards its prize to a film screened in the Competition.

Prize Winner 2020

Sheytan vojud nadarad (There Is No Evil) by Mohammad Rasoulof

Jury statement:
The film, which the jury of AG-KINO GILDE, the association of arthouse cinemas in Germany, honors today, was the most unexpected and diverting film in this Competition. It fulfills what we love in cinema: powerful, emotional and deeply human, the film tells us stories that show us what makes us human and sensitizes us to reflect our life in this world. Politically and ethically the film gives us a wide view of a foreign world. Outstanding are the portrayals of the actors who, despite the regime's reprisals, are always looking for fortune and freedom. We are happy to award the GILDE-Prize for the best film in the Competition at the 70th Berlin Film Festival to Mohammad Rasoulof and the entire film team for the film Sheytan vojud nadarad.

Members of the Jury 2020
Christopher Bausch
Miriam Pfeiffer
Petra Rockenfeller

The "Confédération Internationale des Cinémas d’Art et d’Essai" (C.I.C.A.E.), the International Confederation of Art House Cinemas, forms one jury for the Panorama and one for the Forum. Each jury awards one prize in its section.

Award Winner Panorama 2020

Digger by Georgis Grigorakis

Jury statement:
The CICAE Panorama jury rewards the CICAE label to the Greek fiction movie Digger (2020) by Georgis Grigorakis. The movie shows a very personal father-son story and contains a variety of social issues. For instance, the interaction of international capital in a rural community rooted in nature. The traditional way of live is threatened resulting in tension on a personal and communal level. The strength of the film is that the director provides different perspectives on the theme without judging. It layers tragedy and comedy with ease and it has universal quality that is emotionally and thematically close to audiences throughout the world. Contributing to the quality of the film is the high level of cinematography. We believe this film has all the distinguishable characteristics for the CICAE label and unanimously award the CICAE Panorama Jury price to Georgis Grigorakis.

Award Winner Forum 2020

Ping jing (The Calming) by Song Fang

Jury statement:
The jury unanimously voted for Ping Jing (The Calming), a perfectly accomplished film. The scenario is well constructed, the framing and the photography are perfect, the subject universal. The filmmaker presents through a probable autobiography the possibility to gently overcome painful trials. Certainly, nothing never really disappears, but everything evolves and changes over time. On the basis of this paradigm, if one wants to, it is possible to reconstruct oneself and give meaning to one´s existence through the triptych of relationship with oneself, others and the world.

Members of the Jury 2020

Kevin Beck
Casper Houtman
Tamara Viscovic

Ariane Hofmann
Aliki Kalagasidu
André Soto

Launched for the first time in 2003 within the Cannes Film Festival, the "Europa Cinemas Label" has been created in order to help European films increase their distribution and raise their profile with audiences and media. The Label is since then awarded by a jury of member exhibitors to a European film selected in the Directors' Fortnight section in Cannes and since 2004 in the Venice Days. Since 2005, Europa Cinemas has been cooperating with the Berlinale to award the Label in the Panorama section.

Award winner 2020

Håp (Hope) by Maria Sødahl

Members of the Jury 2020
Silvia Bahl
Johan Paulo Candido Fogde Dias
Hans Heesen
Ewa Kujawińska

The TEDDY AWARD – the most outstanding queer film prize in the world – is a socially engaged, political honour presented to films and people who communicate queer themes on a broad social platform, thereby contributing to tolerance, acceptance, solidarity and equality in society.

During the Berlinale the award is presented in the following categories: BEST FEATURE, BEST DOCUMENTARY / ESSAY FILM, BEST SHORT FILM and JURY AWARD as well as the SPECIAL TEDDY AWARD which is awarded to outstanding personalities. Every year films from all sections of the Berlin International Film Festival compete for the TEDDY AWARDS.

Best Feature Film

Futur Drei (No Hard Feelings) by Faraz Shariat
Nominated: Shirley by Josephine Decker and The Twentieth Century by Matthew Rankin

Best Documentary / Essay Film

Si c’était de l’amour (If It Were Love) by Patric Chiha
Nominated: La casa dell’amore (The House of Love) by Luca Ferri and Petite fille (Little Girl) by Sébastien Lifshitz

Best Short Film

Playback. Ensayo de una despedida (Playback) von Agustina Comedi
Nominated: Genius Loci von Adrien Mérigeau, Extractions von Thirza Cuthand und Untitled Sequence of Gaps von Vika Kirchenbauer

Jury Award

Rizi (Days) von Tsai Ming-Liang

Teddy Activist Award

Olga Baranova, Maxim Lapunov, David Isteev

Members of the Jury 2020
Chris Belloni
Sylva Häutle
Nataleah Hunter-Young
Ksenia Ilina
Christian Rodríguez
Heitor Augusto de Sousa

A three-person jury awards the Caligari Film Prize to a film in the Forum. The prize is sponsored by the "German Federal Association of Communal Film Work" and The winning film is honoured with 4,000 Euros, half of which is given to the director, the other half is meant to fund distribution.

Award Winner 2020

Victoria by Sofie Benoot, Liesbeth De Ceulaer, Isabelle Tollenaere

Members of the Jury 2020
Lena Martin
Dagmar Kamlah
Thomas Klein

The independent Peace Film Prize is awarded annually to films that distinguish themselves through a powerful message of peace and the skilful aesthetic execution of their themes. The jury for the award is composed of seven members, who view films from all sections. The Peace Film Prize is endowed with 5,000 Euros in prize money and is presented in the form of a bronze sculpture designed by Otmar Alt.

The award is made possible with the support of the Zehlendorf Peace Intiative, the Heinrich Böll Foundation and the Weltfriedensdienst e.V.

Award winner 2020

Los lobos by Samuel Kishi Leopo

Members of the Jury 2020
Miraz Bezar
Gerd Brendel
Tamara Erbe
Helgard Gammert
Andreas Höfer
Jean Peters
Esther Slevogt

The German branch of Amnesty International has presented the Amnesty International Film Award for the first time at the Berlinale 2005. The prize is worth 5,000 Euros. The jury will view films entered into the Competition, Encounters, Panorama, Forum, Generation and Perspektive Deutsches Kino sections. The aim of the prize is to draw the attention of audiences and representatives of the film industry to the theme of human rights and encourage filmmakers to tackle this topic.

Award winner 2020

Welcome to Chechnya by David France

Members of the Jury 2020
Markus N. Beeko
Anke Engelke
Sebastian Schipper
Maryam Zaree

A three-person jury awards the Heiner Carow Prize for the promotion of German cinematic arts to a documentary, feature or essay film in the Perspektive Deutsches Kino section. The award is sponsored by the DEFA Foundation and is worth 5,000 Euros. The prize honours films that address the social and political issues of today and in history with extraordinary aesthetic means.

Prize winner 2020

Garagenvolk (Garage People)
by Natalija Yefimkina

Members of the Jury 2020
Annekatrin Hendel
Anne Möller
Jan Speckenbach

Statement of the Jury:

“The manhole cover is my door, but I'm happy. My life is beautiful”, says one of the characters in the film. Reaching a decision was very difficult for us in this strong year of the Perspektive Deutsches Kino. We chose Natalija Yefimkina's Garagenvolk. Cinema at its best.

The director allows us to peer into a microcosm that seems like a parallel world to us. The complex world of a morbid garage complex in a mining town in northern Russia is reminiscent of an allotment garden colony. In each of these small garages, as the film increasingly takes its time in observing, a universe of its own begins to unfold. Characters that seem bizarre at first become reflectors of society. Love, friendship and alcohol, dreams of prosperity and the future as well as inklings of joy all find a home here.

The future of all these people is NOW. And if the restless action, whether it is the search for scrap expansion of the basement, the crooked tones of the punk band rehearsal, the beating or the carved icons, if this action comes to a standstill, then the flow of life also stops, for there is no future then. While one of the protagonists digs five floors beneath his garage, a Sisyphean task without a goal, other than the delight of the moment, the film unearths images of a metaphorical dimension that go beyond mere observation. The absurdity of the actions in the characters' general hopelessness transforms the garage world more and more into reality. It's not the characters in the film who live in a parallel world, it's

A jury of three presents the Compass-Perspektive-Award for the best film in the current Perspektive Deutsches Kino programme. The award includes 5,000 Euros in prize money and the director is given a trophy in the form of a compass.

Prize winner 2020

Walchensee Forever
by Janna Ji Wonders

Members of the Jury 2020
Melanie Andernach
Bernd Lange
Mia Spengler

See also Compass-Perspektive-Award & Kompagnon-Fellowship

AG Kino – Gilde e.V. (association of German Art House Cinemas) together with Berlinale Generation are appointing a new independent jury aimed at strengthening innovative cinema for young people beyond the festival.

The three members of the jury, composed by cinema operators and members of the AG Kino award the AG Kino Gilde 14plus prize to an outstanding feature film from the Generation 14plus competition. This award consists of the financing of German subtitling, or the production of a version for the deaf or hard of hearing, or an audio description version for cinematic release in Germany.

Preisträger 2020

Jumbo by Zoé Wittock

Jury statement:
Jeanne is a young woman who lives alone with her mother. During the day she produces detailed technical models and at night she works in an amusement park. At the start of the season, she falls in love with the newly installed ride. The more confident she becomes of her love for Jumbo, the greater her need for social encouragement. But in her environment she doesn’t find understanding. The film manages to bring an authentic, visually stunning, yet very intimate love story between man and machine onto the screen. It challenges the audience to take a wider perspective and to rethink the understanding of love. At the same time, it encourages viewers to allow their own feelings, to go beyond social norms if necessary and to live their own identity. A rollercoaster ride of emotions packed in poetic, dynamic and luminous images is youth cinema that flashes and inspires us.

Members of the Jury 2020
Marcel Danner
Nina Heise
Anna Friederike Wittkowski

Readers' Juries and Audience Awards

All Berlinale visitors can use the voting cards to choose the winners of the Audience Award in the Panorama section. The Panorama Audience Award was inaugurated in 1999 and is presented by radioeins radio station, rbb television and the Panorama section.

Prize Winner Fiction Film 2020

by Srdan Golubović

2nd place
Futur Drei (No Hard Feelings) by Faraz Shariat

3rd place
Håp (Hope) by Maria Sødahl

Prize Winner Documentary Film 2020

Welcome to Chechnya
by David France

2nd place
Saudi Runaway by Susanne Regina Meures

3rd place
Petite fille (Little Girl) by Sébastien Lifshitz

The jury is made up of twelve readers of the daily newspaper "Berliner Morgenpost". The prize is awarded to a feature film in the Competition section.

Award winner 2020

Effacer l’historique (Delete History) by Benoît Delépine, Gustave Kervern

Members of the Jury 2020
Christoph Beissner
Suzanne Combüchen-Koloss
Claudio Freimark
Nikos Fragkou
Stephanie Gleixner
Annette Lehmann
Henk Mekkes
Rainer Müller
Ulrike Müller
Daniela Richter
Ronja Selle
Juliane Springsguth

Since the Berlinale 2007, the Berlin-based national daily newspaper "Tagesspiegel" has awarded a Readers' Prize. The jury consists of nine members and the prize is given to the best film in the Forum.

Award winner 2020

Chico ventana también quisiera tener un submarino (Window Boy Would Also Like to Have a Submarine) by Alex Piperno

Members of the Jury 2020
Peter Apel
Heike Bottke
Chris Feustel
Luisa Horn
Ingrid Lühr
Anuya Rane
Matthias Richter
Thomas Schippmann
Dagmar Seydell

The TEDDY readers’ jury from QUEER.DE is presenting the TEDDY READERS’ AWARD powered by QUEER.DE at the 33rd TEDDY AWARDS prize-giving ceremony at Volksbühne Berlin. Films with a queer subject matter from all sections of the Berlin International Film Festival are competing for the award.

Award winners 2020

Futur Drei (No Hard Feelings) by Faraz Shariat

Members of the Jury 2020
Amanda Halbrock
Robert Moussa
Joyce Newrzella
Fabian Schäfer
Detlef Stoffel

Development Awards

Berlinale Talents and Perspektive Deutsches Kino jointly award in 2017 the annual Kompagnon-Fellowship. Eligible to apply are directors and screenwriters of short or feature films who were part of the last edition of Perspektive Deutsches Kino, as well as permanent residents of Germany who will participate in the “Script Station”, ”Doc Station” or ”Short Form Station” at the current edition of Berlinale Talents.

A jury, comprised of three film professionals, will select one winner from Berlinale Talents and one from Perspektive Deutsches Kino. In addition to a stipend of 5,000 Euros (2,500 Euros for short films) for the independent development of a screenplay or project, the “Kompagnon” also provides a mentoring programme to help strengthen the filmmaker’s artistic signature, alongside professional coaching and improved industry networking opportunities.

Prize winner 2020

111 by Hristiana Raykova (Perspektive Deutsches Kino 2019)
Arctic Link by Ian Purnell (Berlinale Talents 2020)

Members of the Jury 2020
Melanie Andernach
Bernd Lange
Mia Spengler

See also Compass-Perspektive-Award & Kompagnon-Fellowship

Since 2011, ARTE has presented the ARTEKino International Prize, which is worth 6,000 Euros and goes to one of the projects selected for the Berlinale Co-Production Market.

Award winner 2020:
The Melting (directed by Veerle Baetens)
Savage Film

In 2015 the renowned Eurimages Co-Production Development Award, which comes with a prize money of 20,000 Euros, was given to the producers of one of around 25 projects selected from the Berlinale Co-Production Market for the first time. Eligible for the award are Co-Production Market projects that have been conceived from the outset as theatrical co-productions involving at least two eligible Eurimages countries. These co-productions may not, however, be solely financial in nature. Outstanding artistic quality and a project’s chances of being realised as a majority European co-production are the main criteria for selecting the winner.

Award winner 2020
There Are Two Kinds of People in This World (directed by Onur Saylak)
Liman Film / b.i.t arts

Members of the Jury 2020
Giorgos Karnavas
Elena Kotová
Marie-Pierre Vallé

The Talent Project Market offers ten producers taking part in Berlinale Talents the opportunity to present their project to potential coproducers and backers at the Berlinale Co-Prouduction Market. Since 2004, the 10,000 Euros VFF Talent Highlight Award has been donated by the VFF copyright agency for film and TV producers during the Talent Project Market. In addition to presenting the main award an international jury appoints two nominees, who will receive 1,000 Euros each.

Award winner 2020:
The Last Paradise on Earth (directed by Sakaris Stórá)
Producer: Jón Hammer

Members of the Jury 2020
Roshanak Behesht Nedjad
Prof. Georg Feil
Gabor Greiner
Katriel Schory

Within the framework of Berilnale Talents the Robert Bosch Stiftung GmbH issues two film prizes for international cooperation between young German and Arab filmmakers (members of the Arab League) to jointly realise a film project in co-production. The prizes, each worth 60,000 Euros, are awarded to short films (fiction, animation, documentary) or feature length documentaries.

Award winners 2020

Big Boys Don't Cry
Documentary, Germany / Egypt, 80'
Director: Muhammad Mustapha (Egypt)
Producer: Philipp Maurice Raube (Germany)
Co-Producer: Hala Lotfy (Egypt)

Traitors of the Eyes
Animation, Germany / Egypt, 20'
Director: Abdelrahman Dnewar (Egypt), Saad Dnewar (Egypt)
Producer: Georg Neubert (Germany)
Co-Producer: Saad Dnewar (Egypt)

Short Fiction, Film Germany / Syria, 15'
Director: Ragda Alazizi (Syria)
Producer: Philipp Döring (Germany)
Co-Producer: Ragda Alazizi (Syria)

Jury members 2020
Mohannad Al Bakri
Vincenzo Bugno
Doris Hepp
Elke Kaschl Mohni
Marianne Khoury
Hania Mroué
Alexander Wadouh

As part of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, Berlinale Talents is focusing on improved access to education, gender equality and diversity, environmental protection and the strong role that culture can play in maintaining peace and international understanding. From 2020 onwards, Berlinale Talents and the "Mastercard Enablement Programme" are supporting three talents or alumni in establishing and developing their film-related social initiatives with a 5,000 Euro financial grant and 5,000 Euros worth of mentoring and coaching.

Fellows 2020
Anam Abbas, Documentary Association of Pakistan, Pakistan
Diego Sarmiento Pagán, The Seeds Project, Peru
Sydelle Willow Smith, Sunshine Cinema, South Africa

Jury members 2020
Wim Wenders
Jeannette Liendo
Dominga Ortúzar