Berlinale: NATIVe


The NATIVe – A Journey into Indigenous Cinema special series has been part of the Berlinale since 2013. It is dedicated to the cinematic storytelling of Indigenous peoples from around the world with a focus on a different region every two years.

With NATIVe, the Berlinale brings Indigenous cinema to the centre of the international film world and emphasises its relevance beyond regional, political and cultural borders. NATIVe sees itself as a platform for the diverse voices of Indigenous filmmaking and presents milestones as well as new productions coming out of this film scene.

The NATIVe programme consists of around 20 short and feature-length fiction and documentary films from various production years. It is curated by Maryanne Redpath and Anna Kalbhenn. NATIVe is advised by a changing international team comprising filmmakers and film experts from the respective regions who are active in those Indigenous communities and familiar with the conditions of production there. During the Berlinale, these advisors discuss with the filmmakers and audiences backgrounds and materials of Indigenous cinema and its players. The programme is complemented by interdisciplinary events and industry talks, both of which aim to strengthen the international profile of Indigenous filmmaking.

NATIVe celebrated its premiere edition in 2013 with 24 films from Oceania, Australia and North America. In 2015, with a total of 18 films, the focus was on Latin America. In 2017 NATIVe screened 19 films from the Arctic which, in their diversity of forms, narratives and subject matters offered a view of much more than just the tip of the iceberg. In 2019 the focus will be on the countries and islands in and around the Pacific Ocean. In the bridging years, a smaller film programme bids goodbye to the previous region and offers a glimpse of the region that will be coming into focus.

Kamila Andini | Indonesia | Filmmaker; Kanakan-Balintagos | Palawan, Philippines | Filmmaker; Eliorah Malifa | Samoa, Australia | Co-Director Pasifika Film Fest

Bird Runningwater | Cheyenne, Mescalero Apache | USA | Director, Indigenous Program, Sundance Institute; Jason Ryle | Anishinaabe, Saulteaux, Canada | Artistic & Managing Director imagineNATIVE, Toronto

Together with international partner institutions, the NATIVe – A Journey into Indigenous Cinema special series runs the NATIVe stand at the European Film Market. It offers an insight into current Indigenous filmmaking and a base for Indigenous filmmakers to present their latest projects to the international market. Selected Indigenous filmmaking talents are introduced to the film market as “NATIVe Producer Fellows” with a structured mentoring programme to help them place their current feature-length film projects.