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Thomas Struck

Thomas Struck is the curator of Culinary Cinema.

Born in 1943 in Hamburg, Struck grew up in Stuttgart before returning to Hamburg in 1962. There, he taught himself filmmaking in the film and television study group at Hamburg University. He worked for the public broadcasters in northern Germany (NDR) and in Hesse (HR) as a documentary filmmaker and, at the same time, was a proponent of the “Anderes Kino” (“Different Cinema”) movement which came out of Hamburg’s Brüderstraße. In 1968, he won the prize at the 1st Hamburger Filmschau.

In 1983 and 1985, Struck’s animated short films Hearts and Stars screened in the Berlinale Competition. He coproduced theatre plays with Ulrich Tukur in the 1990s and made the documentaries Walk Don’t Walk (Promotional Award at the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen ) and Flüssig – A River Movie. His professional interest in gastronomy began with the documentary Ein Weinjahr.

Struck was part of Berlinale Talents team from 2002 to 2006 and has been running the Culinary Cinema section since 2006.

Struck co-founded the Hamburger Filmmacher Cooperative (Hamburg Filmmakers’ Cooperative), the Hamburger Filmschau (Hamburg Film Show), Release Germany, the University of Hollywood and, with the “Kino auf der Alster” cinema, the European Low Budget Film Forum. His films are archived in the Deutsche Kinemathek.


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