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Maryanne Redpath

Maryanne Redpath is head of the Generation section of the Berlin International Film Festival.

She was born in New Zealand in 1957 and has been living and working in Berlin since 1985. After gaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in classical studies and a postgraduate Diploma in drama in New Zealand, Redpath moved to Sydney where she deepened her knowledge of theatre at the Drama Action Center. During the 1980s and early 1990s, she worked as a multimedia performance artist, a theatre technician, taught drama to people living with disabilities and gave art lessons to Aboriginal children and teenagers in Central Australia. She wrote scripts for and directed experimental 8mm and 16mm films and presented an Australian television series about health matters. She also taught English and translated books and texts. From 1991-1994, Redpath qualified as an authorised teacher of the Feldenkrais method.

In 1993, she began working as assistant to the section head of the Berlinale Kinderfilmfest and in 2002 she became the deputy head. In May 2008, she was appointed head of the section, which had been renamed Generation in 2006. Since 2004, she has also been the official Berlinale Delegate for Australia and New Zealand. In 2011, Redpath became a voting member for the Asian Pacific Film Awards (APSA) and was involved in setting up the inaugural Young Audience Award (YAA) for the European Film Academy.

Between 2013 and 2019, she was also the head curator of the Berlinale special series NATIVe – A Journey into Indigenous Cinema, which included supervising a pop-up cinema series in 2016, an initiative of the Humboldt Forum with Berlinale NATIVe. In 2018, Redpath worked as mentor for a project on feminist filmmaking in the Asia Pacific region, with support from the Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity programme at the London School of Economics.


Section head
Maryanne Redpath
Potsdamer Platz 11
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