The Slut (Hanotenet)

Tamar’s behaviour stays the same. It’s one man after another, and her reputation proceeds her. But she is also the mother of Mika and Noa, 12 and 8. She no longer seeks redemption, until Shai arrives. He’s there to take care of his late mother’s property. Shai is not aware of Tamar’s behaviour, but soon enough discovers her ways. He does not care for it, but he thinks he can save her. They fall in love and soon Tamar stops messing around. The tightly knit society is skeptical of her newfound purity, but the true trouble lies in this new daily routine, creating a harsh sense of emptiness in Tamar’s core. Director’s note Sex, violence, religion, motherhood, and the one thing which unites them all together – guilt – are the primal resources of this film. With a clear view, this film shows no victims and no desperate psychological motivations, just a physical animalistic being.

World premiere
Cannes International Film Festival 2011, Semaine de la Critique

Key festivals and awards
Cannes International Film Festival 2011
International Women’s Film Festival Israel 2011
Chicago International Film Festival 2011
Pirchi Family Award, Jerusalem International Film Festival 2011

Israel, 2011
Director: Hagar Ben-Asher
Producers: Transfax Films (Israel), Sophie Dulac Productions (France), Rohfilm (Germany)
German WCF partner: Rohfilm
World sales: Films Distribution (France)

Funded in the WCF Jury meeting in November 2009
Funding amount: 50.000 €