As a wave of unprecedented political violence is unleashed and 1970s Argentina is plunged into darkness, an ordinary man, in extraordinary circumstances, finds himself hiding a very bad deed.

Director’s note
With Rojo, I want to deal with the issue of silent majorities during traumatic historic times. During the 1970s in Argentina, initially under democratic rule and then a dictatorship, 30,000 people were killed by military or paramilitary groups. We have seen these traumatic events depicted several times, yet as of today we still hardly understand how they impacted the ordinary lives of ordinary people. We therefore fail, as a society, to acknowledge the necessary role of the silent majority during a genocide.
While researching the period of the 1970s, I discovered that many people found in that shaken context the opportunity to hide all sorts of “accidents” and bad deeds. The focus in Rojo is therefore on rather ordinary characters in exceptionally dark circumstances, who happen to find themselves mixed up in extraordinary events.

Director: Benjamín N aishtat
Production: Pucará Cine (Argentina), Sutor Kolonko (Germany), Desvia (Brazil), Ecce Films (France), Viking Film (The Netherlands)
World sales: tbc
German WCF partner: Sutor Kolonko (Germany)

Funded in the WCF Jury meeting in July 2016
Funding amount: 40,000 €