Daoud’s Winter

Daoud, a young man from Baghdad, is drafted in the war against Iran. He is assigned a gruesome task: sorting the new arrivals of dead bodies and organising transport to their final resting place – either the family home for the “martyrs” or a burning mass grave for the “traitors”. Amongst the dishonoured corpses, a man – Ali – is still breathing. When Daoud finds the farewell letter Ali wrote to his beloved daughter, he decides to save the man from this hell and to reunite him with his family. He deserts the army and embarks on a dangerous journey to bring his new friend home.

Director’s Note
Our society has suffered many wars, and no Iraqi family was left unharmed by the effects of war. It has destroyed families and society. The effect is still visible in the Middle East. I would like to make a film that shows the consequences of these meaningless wars. The effects on ordinary people, their internal conflicts, the fear, the paranoia and grief that this situation has caused those trying to carry on with their lives in the country.

Director: Koutaiba Al-Janabi
Producers: OAK Motion Pictures (The Netherlands), Alcatraz Film (France), Kaiho Republic (Finland), O rjouane Productions (Lebanon), Baghdad Dreams (Iraq)
European WCF partner: OAK Motion Pictures (The Netherlands)
World sales: tbc

Funded in the WCF Jury meeting in November 2016
Funding amount: 55,000 €