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World Cinema Fund
Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers on the most frequently asked questions around the funding of the WCF. If you do not find an adequate answer for you questions please don't hesitate to contact the WCF:

The WCF accepts full-length feature films and creative feature-length documentaries, intended for theatrical release.
Short films are not eligible.

No, you can’t. The WCF can only accept submissions from:

  • Film production companies from a WCF eligible region (see below)
  • Film production companies based in Germany who can confirm a cooperation with the director from a WCF eligible region
  • World sales companies or distributors based in Germany who can confirm a cooperation with a director from a WCF eligible region

  • Africa
  • Latin America, Central America and the Caribbean
  • Middle East
  • Central Asia
  • South East Asia
  • Caucasus

Detailed list, PDF (153 KB)

No, it isn’t. The submission can be made by the local production company itself.
You will need a German partner on board only if your project is recommended for funding, i.e. after the funding decisions.
The final funding contract can only be concluded with a German partner. Nevertheless, this German partner has to guarantee that the funds are spent in a WCF eligible region. He can deduct a maximum of 7,5% of the funding amount as fee for handling costs (including costs for audit, etc.).

The WCF aims to support films in the WCF regions by developing lively cooperations between producers and directors from these regions and German partners. Therefore, German film companies play an important role in the structure of the WCF - in a cultural-political and in an economic way - approaching a kind of positive understanding of globalisation.

The producer from a WCF region can submit a project without having a German partner attached at the time of the application. However, a German partner is needed as soon as a project is recommended for funding by the WCF Jury. The WCF often serves as a bridge between producers from abroad and German companies, i.e. it can assist in finding an adequate partner. The WCF jury's recommendation can only be turned into a funding contract between the WCF and the German partner.

The German partner is responsible for signing the funding agreement with the WCF and is the actual recipient of the WCF support. He is also held liable by the WCF for the project. For the final accounting, the German partner has to deliver an auditor’s report/certificate confirming that the WCF funding amount (minus a possible handling fee of 7.5% maximum for the German partner) was entirely spent for the production of the film in a WCF region.

Production Support

The Jury Meeting for the March submissions is normally taking place in late June or beginning of July.
The Jury Meeting for the August submissions is normally taking place in end October or beginning of November.

Distribution Support

The decision date will be communicated to the application companies by email after the project submission.

No, in this case you have to submit an advanced treatment together with a detailed visual concept.

No, it isn’t.
The WCF is interested in supporting local stories. It wants to support subjects strongly linked to the cultural reality/identity of the country. The “voice” of a local director is essential for the WCF.
Therefore, the director must have the nationality of one of the WCF regions.

The maximum possible amount for production funding per project is 80,000 €.
The funding amount cannot exceed 50% of the total production costs.

The budget of the projects shall range between 200,000 € and 1,000,000 €.

The rights clearance is a document or a contract which transfers the rights from the scriptwriter to the producer and officially entitles the producer to use the script for a film project.
It is not necessary to attach it if writer and producer is the same person.

It is the explanation of the visual and artistic universe of your project:
How would you like to shoot your film? What kind of camera work and rhythm do you envision, and what kind of technical methods or solutions would you propose? Also, how would you like to work with the actors? Please don’t hesitate to mention any details regarding sound, lights, equipment, aesthetic approaches, etc. that will give the most comprehensive image possible of your film.

Distribution companies (and world sales companies) with a registered office in Germany, which want to release a feature-length film (fiction or creative documentary) from the WCF regions in the German cinemas.
It can be any film of the region. It’s not a prerequisite that the film was previously supported by the WCF for production.

The maximum amount for distribution funding per project is 10,000 €.
The funding amount cannot exceed 50% of the total distribution costs.

For further details please check the detailed Guidelines, Forms & Deadlines, and if you still have questions don’t hesitate to contact the WCF anytime.


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