Berlinale: Accreditation A-Z

Accreditation A-Z

Applications for Accreditation / EFM Registration for the Berlinale 2019 will be accepted from early November 2018.

Please note that all information currently given on these pages refers to the Berlinale 2018 and is given subject to alteration in order to offer a general insight into accreditation procedures.

1. Create / Reactivate your account

In order to access the accreditation application form please log in under "My Account". If you already have an account from last year, your personal access data is still valid. Contact if you have forgotten your user name. If you do not yet have an account, you can simply create one here.

Please note that your account is valid for as well as

2. Apply for accreditation

Once you have an account, you can submit an application for accreditation under "My Accreditation". Please fill out all the required fields of the application form. You may need to upload professional supporting documents and, if this is your first online application, a digital passport photo. If you have any further questions please contact your accreditation department.

Please note that the examination of your application can take up to 5 working days!

3. Confirmation and payment

You will receive further information about your accreditation along with the approval of your application via e-mail. Please note that online payment of the accreditation fee is only possible by credit card.

To apply for Festival Accreditation or EFM Registration you need a personal account. Only one application per account is possible.

If you had an account in the past, please continue to use it. If you have forgotten your user name, just contact the Web Support team:
Tel. +49 30 25920-800

Your personal account can be set up on both the EFM or Berlinale website and used again every year. You may choose your own user name. Your password must contain at least 6 letters, one special character or one number.

Members of a German professional association cooperating with the Berlinale should contact their association before completing the online accreditation form and request a code for their application. This code proves the professional status as a filmmaker or representative of the film industry. No further proof of professional affiliation is required.

The Berlinale cooperates with the following German professional associations:

  • Spitzenorganisation der Filmwirtschaft (SPIO):
  • Berliner Film- und Fernsehverband e.V.:
  • Bundesverband Regie e.V.:
  • Bundesverband Filmschnitt Editor e.V.:
  • Bundesverband Jugend und Film e.V.:
  • Bundesverband kommunale Filmarbeit e.V.:
  • Bundesverband Produktion Film und Fernsehen:
  • BVK - Berufsverband Kinematografie:
  • Filmbüro Bremen e.V.:
  • Film- und Medienbüro Niedersachsen e.V.:
  • Filmbüro NW e.V.:
  • Filmkultur Schleswig-Holstein e.V.:
  • Film- und Kinobüro Hessen e.V.:
  • Filmverband Sachsen e.V.:
  • Verband Deutscher Drehbuchautoren e.V.:
  • VSK Verband der Berufsgruppen Szenenbild und Kostümbild:
  • Vedra - Verband für Film- und Fernsehdramaturgie e.V.:

You will find detailed information on conditions for access at the links below:

Professional (Festival / EFM)
On Site Registration (EFM) (only available on site)

The European Film Market issues a Buyers Badge only if you:

  • order a Market Badge and
  • select "Acquisitions (...)" as "Working Sector" on the application form and
  • have been verified as a Buyer.

The Buyers List of the European Film Market will be available at the beginning of January and will be updated regularly.

Attendance can be cancelled without stating reasons until February 25, 2018. This presupposes that badges have not been picked up. Paid badges will be reimbursed without any service charge by the Berlinale. Please contact .

If you order a Market Badge, you can request a personal Cinando account ( For reasons of data protection, data transmission to Cinando is only permitted after your prior approval. To do this, please tick the box under "E-mail for publication" in the online accreditation form. Revocations against an already agreed consent and other questions regarding the set up of a Cinando account can be directed to .

Once your request for a Market Badge is confirmed and we received full payment:

  • your new Cinando Account will be set up or your existing Cinando Account will be extended until mid-April, 2018 (given that your account expires before mid-April)
  • your Cinando Profile will be flagged with your EFM participation

Press-, Festival- and Student Accreditations allow access to festival screenings of each section, though not at all times or at every venue. Prior to the festival, you will have already the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the exact access rights of your accreditation. An information sheet will be sent to you together with the pick up letter about one week before the festival starts. It informs you about which cinemas you can access by simply showing your accreditation pass, and for which cinemas you would need to secure a ticket in advance.

Please note that admittance to a cinema for which you would only need to show your accreditation badge cannot be guaranteed. Access for accredited visitors is subject to availability of seats. For particularly popular screenings you are advised to arrive early in order to secure an advantageous place in the queue, because it is likely that the number of accredited people seeking admittance will exceed the number of seats reserved for this group.

Find more information on cinema access with a Market Badge here.

Tickets for festival screenings

Most public screenings require tickets, which are free of additional charge. These tickets are available at ticket counters reserved for accredited participants and must be picked up in person by showing your badge. They are issued on a first-come, first-served basis and are subject to availability. Please be aware that there might be long queues at the ticket counter, especially during the first weekend of the festival.

Tickets for accredited participants are only available for the on-going and the following day. No advance reservations are possible. There is a maximum of one ticket per person per screening and time slot. Note that there is no guarantee for obtaining tickets for certain screenings or for obtaining a particular number of tickets.

Tickets are only valid in combination with your Festival Accrediation. Tickets that cannot be used must be returned to the respective ticket counter before the screening starts.

Careful handling of your private data is important to the Berlinale! Please make sure that no unauthorised person has access to your personal account. See Privacy Policy for all relevant information on how your data is handled. For further questions regarding data protection please contact the data protection officer at .

EFM exhibitors also have to complete the accreditation process and submit an application.

Depending on the size of the rented exhibition space, EFM exhibitors are entitled to a certain number of Market Badges + Festival Accreditations. Further information will be sent to exhibitors at the beginning of November.

EFM exhibitors can order Visitor Passes by emailing and Staff Badges by emailing .

Invited guests of the festival and film teams are not accredited via the online accreditation platform. The festival will contact these guests individually. An additional Market Badge can be ordered via .

Once your application has been accepted, you will have access to partner hotels of the Berlinale. You can make booking enquiries and reservations directly on the Berlinale or EFM website. The partner hotels set aside a limited number of rooms at special rates for accredited participants.

Please report the loss of your accreditation badge immediately to your accreditation counter. Re-printing of a new badge can take up to 24 hours and is subject to a EUR 30 charge. Multiple Day Passes, Day Passes and Visitor Passes cannot be replaced.

Once your application has been accepted and your accreditation is paid for, you will be able to access our Online Services. You therefore have to be logged in to your "My Account". Depending on the type of your accreditation you can use the following services on the Berlinale and EFM websites.

Online Services (application accepted / to be paid)

FA MB PA Online Services Access as of
    X Press download area
(depending on professional field)
X X X At My Who's Where details you can edit your Who's Where details online early November
X X X Enquire about discounted hotel rooms through Berlinale Partner-Hotels early November
FA = Festival / Student Accreditation
MB = Market Badge / Buyers Badge
PA = Press Accreditation

Online Services (participation confirmed)

FA MB PA Online Services Access as of
X X X View the festival’s Who's Where beginning of February
  X   EFM film entry mid-November
  X   Exhibitors list with detailed company and contact information late November
  X   Buyers list with detailed company, acquisition and contact information beginning of January
  X   Participants list with detailed company and contact information mid-January
  X   EFM Screening Schedule and festival programme late January / early February
  X   Use of the My Programme / My Daily Planner (EFM + Festival) late January / early February
FA = Festival / Student Accreditation
MB = Market Badge / Buyers Badge
PA = Press Accreditation

As soon as your application for Festival Accreditation / EFM Registration has been approved, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with information on how to pay. After we have received your payment, you will be able to access the online services as they become available. You can make your payment through one of the following methods:

  • Online credit card payment
    By February 11, 2018, you can use your credit card to pay for the accreditation fee online. We accept MasterCard/EuroCard, American Express and VISA. Once we have received your online payment, we will e-mail you a receipt. You will also be able to download the receipt in “My Account”. Please provide the billing address for the credit card when you make your payment. Shortly after your payment, you can fully access the online services for accredited participants.
  • In person
    From February 12, 2018, the online credit card payment is no longer possible. The accreditation fee can only be paid for in person at the respective accreditation counter by credit card (MasterCard/EuroCard, American Express and VISA) or in cash. 200 and 500 Euro bank notes cannot be accepted.
  • Collective payment via bank transfer
    Up to January 26, 2018, companies and institutions can make collective payments for their employees/representatives via bank transfer. Please send an e-mail with a list of all names to be paid for to . Please note to only list persons with a confirmed accreditation. Also bear in mind that bank transfers can take several days to process.


Attendance can be cancelled without stating reasons until February 25, 2018. This presupposes that badges have not been picked up. Paid badges will be reimbursed without any service charge by the Berlinale. Please contact .

About one week before the festival starts, you will receive an e-mail with information on the collection of your accreditation. The attached pick-up letter informs you about the location and opening hours of your accreditation counter. This document (digitally or printed) needs to be provided when picking up your badge(s).

In order to receive accreditation, you must first provide proof of your professional affiliation.

The following criteria must be met:

Press/Berlinale journalists

At Press Accreditation you will find detailed information on how you can get accredited for the Berlinale as a member of the press.

Industry professionals

Even if you are a regular participant you need to prove your current professional activity when applying. Here are some examples what kind of documents/proofs you can provide:

  • upload of your company profile
  • list of recent projects the company is working on
  • filmography / CV
  • official employment letter from the company you work for

Company representatives / members of organizations can alternatively refer to an up-to-date company website.

Students and members of German film associations are not required to provide proof of professional activity, because they are already entitled through their corresponding codes. You will receive your code from your respective German association or university / film school. More information for students can be viewed here.

Once we have processed your accreditation application, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the ID number of your festival badge in the subject header. You will need a printout of this e-mail, in order to apply for a visa at the respective German embassy or Consulate General. By mid-December the festival will inform the respective Embassy or Consulate General of your participation in the Berlinale in order to facilitate your visa application.

More information and application forms for download

Industry professionals, students and members of the press will be given an entry in the "Who’s Where", the directory of Berlinale participants. You can edit this entry in your account under "My Who’s Where details". The "Who’s Where" can only be viewed by professionals with accreditation and is published about one week before the festival begins. You can decide which of your contact details and dates of stay will be displayed in the Who is Where. However, your surname and first name, main area of activity and country are always published.


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